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60x Granularity: Kochava’s Attribution Advantage with iOS 14

By August 20, 2020December 2nd, 2020Blog

Lookback windows down to the minute.

Apple’s new AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework for the upcoming iOS 14 launch will change mobile attribution as we know it this September. From then on, iOS 14 users must consent to being tracked by adtech companies. Because the ATT opt-in rate is expected to be low, marketers will have to rely on probabilistic attribution without the IDFA.

In spite of this major adjustment, attribution in the absence of a device identifier is nothing new for Kochava. Device IDs haven’t always been available. Mobile web inventory, for example, has been attributed without deterministic identifiers. Apple’s Limit Ad Tracking has also made this type of attribution more necessary as it blocked access to the IDFA. Probabilistic attribution has been the solution in scenarios when device IDs weren’t obtainable, and while it historically doesn’t have the same reputation for accuracy as deterministic does, our configurable attribution capabilities have been finely tuned and proven to have up to 98% accuracy. 

60x Granularity: Tightening lookback windows for precision

Probabilistic attribution accuracy

Lookback windows dictate the maximum time that can elapse between an impression or click timestamp and the conversion event (install or in-app event) to which attribution can be awarded. Most mobile measurement providers (MMPs) only allow you to scale down to a 60-minute lookback window. With Kochava’s configurable attribution, however, you can determine the length of your lookback window by media source down to the minute.

With probabilistic attribution, the longer the lookback window, the less chance there is that a conversion is correctly attributed to a campaign. Longer windows have also been a wide-open opportunity for fraudsters to falsely nab attribution from valuable organic installs. With tighter lookback windows, you have a much higher likelihood of accurately capturing high-intent users with whom your messaging immediately resonated.

The Kochava Data Science team has shown the following about our probabilistic attribution:

  • 60% of installs occur within 30 minutes of a campaign launch
  • 98% attribution accuracy is achievable within a 10 to 15-minute window
  • 88% accuracy is possible between a 15-minute and 3-hour window
  • Beyond 3 hours, accuracy and total attributed conversion volume decreases exponentially

Focus on lookback windows

Hone your lookback windows to fit the goals and attribution environment of your campaigns. For more information about configurable attribution, see our support documentation or contact your Client Success Manager. For information about attribution changes coming with the launch of iOS 14, visit our resource page.