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The Kochava Audience Insights feature is one of the most powerful analytical tools available for audience analysis and creation.

Access Audience Insights through the Kochava Collective, the largest independent mobile data marketplace, and obtain an incredible amount of demographic and behavioral data about your audience and that of your competitors. Plus, it’s free to use.

Kochava created Audience Insights to enable marketers to target their ads more effectively, but it provides great value to advertisers and publishers, alike.

Marketers can use this tool to learn more about their audience, even if they are not advertising to them. This data can also help improve the overall app marketing strategy, including stronger buyer personas, more compelling competitive research, and more engaging content.

Publishers can use this tool as third-party confirmation of their audience makeup and targeting practices—giving advertisers greater confidence in their campaigns.

The data within Kochava Collective comes from two primary sources:

  • Free App Analytics (FAA) SDK data

The FAA SDK is used to measure and track advertising performance. Since developers use the FAA SDK to track their own users, and we do not pay them for their data, there is no incentive to spoof or inflate any information. (Kochava Enterprise customer data is NEVER used in the Collective and NEVER available to anyone but that customer.)

  • Third-party data partners including beacon location providers, major mobile carriers, credit monitoring solutions, identity solutions, and SDK solutions for apps and games

All third-party data is scrubbed against the industry-leading Kochava fraud detection and blocklist as well as normalized and verified against first-party SDK data for validity and cleanliness.

Gain clarity about your users with Audience Insights

Audience Insights provides stats on various aspects of your audience. The tool adds another level of information about your audience with key attributes including:

  • Device data (make, model, carrier, language location)
  • Behavioral data (apps on device, app categories, points of interest (POI), and POI categories)
  • User data (age, gender)

Simply upload a list of device IDs to get a snapshot of the audience’s makeup, or build and analyze a custom audience.

The following is an example of an Audience Insights report for devices with education apps installed. It shows that the majority of users are women on Android devices on the Verizon and MetroPCS networks.

Use Case: Confirm or discover audience characteristics

A short-term and vacation rental company thought they knew their audience and had been targeting business professionals younger than age 50. While they had observed moderate success with their marketing, they were surprised when the Audience Insights tools showed that their users were comprised more of retirees. This led them to change their targeting and messaging.

How well do you know your audience? Don’t keep marketing based on assumptions. See what you can learn from Audience Insights.