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Extend the Life of Your Mobile Ad IDs With the Kochava Collective’s Cookie Data Feed

By November 5, 2020August 18th, 2022News & Updates 4 Min Read
Cookie resolution data feed

With enforcement of iOS 14 consent requirements in 2021, marketers will have limited access to device IDs and the information associated with it. The Kochava Collective has a new privacy-safe consumer identity solution aimed at bridging the gap between what marketers know about their audiences with what is available in the data set. Marketers can leverage anonymized IDs, outside of mobile apps with over one billion authenticated email connections inside the new cookie data feed from the Collective. 

To provide this solution, Kochava and LiveIntent have partnered to create a powerful new integration that enables advertisers and publishers to onboard their first-party data and engage with counterparties for activation, targeting, and measurement.

Overlay cookie data on any Collective data licensing feed (app activity, precision geographics, hashed emails, demographics, etc.) to create a premium enriched audience set to utilize across platforms.

Continue user engagement with your mobile audience on mobile web with cookie + hashed email + device ID matchmaking.

Ways to utilize the Collective’s cookie data feed

Ways to Use the Collective’s Cookie Data Feed

Enhanced mobile audience reengagement

Don’t get stuck in a narrow reengagement funnel. Match your internal mobile ad identifiers (MAIDs) to cookies to better reengage your users across channels and platforms. 

Extensive augmented data feed layering options

Maximize ways to match. By enriching your internal mobile advertising ID (MAID) data with the LiveIntent cookie feed, you can extend your data points per by layering on additional data feeds with anonymized cookie match keys increasing your omni-channel performance.

Enriched automated audience syndication

Take your dynamic audience builder capabilities to the next level. With more data touchpoints per device, finding your ideal user is easy. Utilize the Audience Builder tool within the Kochava Collective platform to mimic the behaviors and characteristics found in your enriched data, and employ them with your top driving media sources. 

Holistic profile building through multiple identifier combinations

The more keys, the more doors you open. With the additional cookie key, you can unlock multiple layers of the user journey to further build holistic user profiles to efficiently meet your marketing goals. 

For more information on how to receive this new cookie data feed, learn more about the Collective’s data licensing opportunities or contact us today.