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As Spring bursts into full bloom, seniors everywhere (high school, college, beauty school, etc.) are looking toward their next step. For some, the future is ripe with possibility, ready to be plucked and enjoyed. For others, it’s an “oh $&%^!” moment punctuated by the harsh reality of life ahead. Hooray for GraduatesThe former group has several interviews lined up for careers that will make their parents very proud. The latter group will take some time off to chase their fleeting youth, travel the world/wanderlust, and all that hippie nonsense, while their parents are left to consider the tens of thousands of dollars in student debt for which they cosigned.

While these groups are both comprised of “graduates,” clearly they will have wildly different interests and should be marketed to very differently. Some products or services will only be a good fit for one group, or, at the very least, the messaging will need to be tailored to each.

That’s why we’ve created two different featured audiences for grads—The Embracers and The Chasers. Whether you’ve got a product for the studious or the adventurous, the Kochava Collective can help you get your message to the right audience.


The Embracers

Interested in college education and becoming productive members of a capitalist society
Collective Audience

  • Education apps
  • Visited colleges


The Chasers

Collective Audience

  • Travel apps
  • Travel POI visits
  • 18-25 year old


Of course, you could simply activate either of those audiences, but you can also customize them. For example, if you want to reach college grads, you may want to filter by devices that have job search apps installed, in addition to education apps.

Customize prepackaged audiences from within ExplorerCustomization is a snap. Simply click the contextual menu next to the audience and choose “Customize”

From here, you can further refine the audience to more closely match your ideal criteria.