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Increase Your Brand’s ROI with a Highly Targeted, Data Centric, Omni-Channel Strategy

By March 31, 2021August 18th, 2022Measurement & Attribution, News & Updates 5 Min Read

Four Brand Name Partnerships to Leverage with the Kochava Collective

Kochava Collective is the world’s largest independent mobile-first data marketplace. Marketers utilize it for affinity audiences, interest targeting, and audience demographics. To ensure we are providing the most detailed and robust privacy-first data to our clients we have formed high-quality partnerships to increase our offering. 

Below are a few of our most recent partnerships your brand can leverage to improve your marketing efforts across any device, for more efficient omni-channel targeting. 

LiveIntent logo

LiveIntent – Extend the life of your Mobile Ad IDs with Identity Device Bridging

LiveIntent and the Collective partnership enables marketers and publishers to use a  privacy-safe identity resolution to transact and match first-party data. This powerful partnership leverages the 2,500+ publishers across the LiveIntent network who reach over 290 million verified people. LiveIntent’s addressable, logged-in audience is one of the largest in the United States.

The LiveIntent nonID, an identifier that bridges publishers and brands to the ecosystem, was built to empower current identity offerings, not replace them. The nonID, with its 1:1 relationship to an email address that sits at the heart of identity, is open and connects to all identity offerings and solutions. 

Utilizing this identity resolution tactic, you can bridge mobile device IDs to web-based identifiers to create a holistic user journey across devices. This type of ingenuity opens new doors when it comes to identifying engagement or purchasing patterns among your high-quality customers.

InfoSum logo

InfoSum – Build and Activate Privacy-Safe Audiences

The Collective and InfoSum partnership arms brands with data-rich marketing insights in a privacy-safe, secure platform. This data partnership gives brands unprecedented flexibility in building and activating audiences, all the while protecting customers and their data.

InfoSum, an identity infrastructure provider, empowers companies to unlock the full potential of their data by enabling privacy-first collaboration that delivers better experiences for brands, media owners, and consumers. Through patented ‘non-movement of data’ technology, customer-centric companies are able to connect data without ever sharing it.

InfoSum’s decentralized infrastructure delivers future-proofed solutions that protect against future technology and regulatory changes, by removing the reliance on a single identifier. You can leverage this alliance by standard data onboarding into the Collective platform.

TargetSmart logo

TargetSmart – Leverage Voter Data for Highly Targeted Campaigns

Our TargetSmart partnership will empower campaign and advocacy groups to seamlessly engage with their target audiences across platforms by leveraging voter registration data with connected device data.

TargetSmart’s Digital Voter File combines the voter file with a suite of digital and media products that allow clients to effectively connect with target audiences. When combined with the scale of the Kochava Collective, this service will allow candidates, advocacy groups, and allies to better target their voting audience across online and offline engagements.

See the full power of TargetSmart’s data pairing with the Kochava Collective by using our Audience Building Tool. Create, syndicate, or download custom audiences directly in the dashboard. 

Foursquare logo

Foursquare – Employ Premium Visitation Data for Omni-Channel Audience Enrichment

The Collective and Foursquare partnership enables marketers and publishers to enhance their first-party intelligence with real-world location data. Our data collaboration allows marketers to power privacy-first in-house customer analytics, personalization, and audience building.

Foursquare’s 800+ audiences will be matched with 400+ million Kochava Collective devices that are derived from precise real-world visitation. The resulting data will give marketers added knowledge about their customers’ behaviors and shopping habits to power more successful customer acquisition and retention campaigns. Understanding a user’s location visitation journey from their local coffee shop to their favorite department store unlocks potential communication opportunities through omni-channel media.

Take advantage of this partnership through data onboarding directly into the Collective platform or receive a cadenced data feed. 

To learn more about these and other data partners in the Kochava Collective, contact, or visit