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With Over 800 Million Unique Device IDs, the Kochava Collective is the Largest Independent Mobile Data Marketplace

2 Billion+ monthly transactions demonstrate advertisers’ and publishers’ demand to amplify their audiences and monetize their users.

Kochava, the leader in the measurement of connected devices, announces the roll-out of the Kochava Collective, the world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace, providing a way for advertisers to employ rich targeting methods to acquire high-value users across media partners while maintaining complete data privacy.

Kochava Collective Logo

The Kochava Collective boasts a tracking volume of over 2 billion transactions monthly from more than 500 million unique devices with addressable device identifiers, plus 5 million unique devices are being added daily. These devices are enriched with a wealth of metadata ranging from app affinity, view data and install recency to in-app activities like registration, purchase, level completion and add-to-cart events. Advertisers have the flexibility to build and target a custom audience from the supply or select a lookalike audience for export to third-party platforms like The Trade Desk, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTD), Facebook, Google or Twitter to extend their reach even further.

Advertisers and networks are reporting good results too. Marketers for Rosetta Stone highlighted the ability to glean in-app data for new users; and the app network, Taptica, has reported building new campaigns with existing ad partners. New DSP partner, The Trade Desk, Inc., also foresees promise in gathering in-app data useful to advertisers.

“The integration with the Kochava Collective has allowed Aarki to further expand its targeting capabilities and reach for programmatic delivery for app marketers who are specifically interested in our unique audience base,” said Sid Bhatt, CEO of Aarki. “As a result of the rich data within the Kochava Collective, we’re able to target ads more accurately and bid more competitively on media to ensure the greatest ROI delivery to our clients without exposing device IDs.”

The Kochava Collective is the only data marketplace that removes the risk of data leakage—while operating at scale. Advertisers get what they need—the ability to create lookalike audiences based on their highest-value users and to identify and target new cohorts from rich device data. Likewise, media partners receive the benefit of improved targeting, increased discoverability and the resulting revenue.

Andrew Wang, Managing Director of the Zephyr Digital Inc., said this about the new marketplace: “As a pioneering member of the Kochava Collective, we have been able to increase the value with both existing and new clients who are specifically interested in our unique audiences and proprietary products. The concept of the platform is revolutionary and Kochava has made the transactional process increasingly effortless to better serve our valued partners.”

A protected marketplace

The Kochava Collective obscures sensitive data for both networks and advertisers when building lookalike audiences. The unique mobile identifiers within a media partner’s inventory are not directly exposed to advertisers. Media partners do not see the criteria used for creating a segment against the media source.

“The Kochava Collective ensures parity in the sense that advertisers don’t have to expose their high-intent users to target like users, a practice that traditional audience discovery platforms typically leverage to enrich their algorithms and as a result, inadvertently assist competitors with the targeting of these same devices,” said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava. “Similarly, we benefit the participating media partners by shielding the specific device identifiers within their audience pool. Media partners never have to worry that an advertiser will find a cohort and then directly target them on a competitive network. The system acts as a matchmaker,” he said.

Andy Dhanik, VP of engage:BDR agreed: “Thanks to our involvement in the Kochava Collective, we have been able to attract new advertisers who are specifically interested in our unique audience base. The Kochava Collective gives us the ability to showcase the breadth and reach of our ecosystem without exposing sensitive data. Kochava has made the transactional process intuitive.”

Create custom audiences across disparate media sources
Advertisers can create specific, custom audience segments across media partners, similar to the well-known custom audience capabilities offered by Facebook. While Facebook has demonstrated leadership in delivering advanced audience targeting tools for their inventory, no solution exists like the Kochava Collective, which enables targeting across a variety of media partners—not only Facebook.

“The diverse audiences made available through the Kochava Collective further what’s possible in the maturing mobile ecosystem. The concept of an independent and transparent data marketplace is appealing to marketers today looking to propel performance of their UA efforts,” said Sarah Bachman, VP, Mobile Strategy at Horizon Media.