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The Kochava Collective offers rich audience targeting capabilities across all the major platforms, networks and top DSPs. The world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace also gives marketers access from over 75 curated audiences among the top verticals to create tailored, custom supply or lookalike audiences for more precise targeting.

“We’re ecstatic to have built the Kochava Collective to over 1 billion users,” said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava. “The reception of the Kochava Collective by both marketers and networks has been more than we could have anticipated. This milestone demonstrates that the Kochava Collective is the largest independent mobile data marketplace and that we are fulfilling the previously unaddressed need for marketers to reach broader quality mobile audiences throughout the digital landscape.”

In today’s fast-paced and complex mobile ecosystem, the Kochava Collective simplifies targeting for marketers by providing them the ability to create, reach and scale their ideal mobile audiences. The Kochava Collective provides enhanced discovery of networks and allows marketers to engage users on the networks and platforms where they are most affordable and active.

The growth of the platform has validated the need for marketers to find cost-effective alternatives to other audience curation tools in the marketplace. In response to the overwhelming demand, Kochava has hired Trevor Hamilton as the new VP of Audience Demand for the Kochava Collective. Hamilton has made his career in the mobile industry, most recently serving as CRO of Boxfish where he led the advertising division.

A competitive digital landscape

Today, mobile devices are the dominant platform for marketers to reach consumers. However, as more brands and ad dollars shift toward mobile, audience discovery and targeting has become more challenging and expensive. To date, marketers have had relatively few options for discovering quality new users outside of one or two major platforms.

The Kochava Collective has disrupted the status quo by providing a marketplace where marketers find their ideal audience and target them on the most cost-effective networks carrying them. By design, it eliminates the potential for data leakage and protects the segment targeting metrics of buyers against networks who may offer them to competitors or otherwise enhance their own internal targeting algorithms.

A meeting place for marketers and networks

The Kochava Collective benefits marketers and networks alike. Media agencies can fulfill their clients’ targeting requests with greater precision and engage audiences at scale through its lookalike capabilities. By joining the Kochava Collective, networks can highlight and monetize their audiences, allowing for rich discovery, seamless and fluid activation, all while maintaining the privacy of their traffic and device IDs.

“The diverse audiences made available through the Kochava Collective further what’s possible in the maturing mobile ecosystem. The concept of an independent and transparent data marketplace is appealing to marketers today looking to propel performance of their UA efforts,” said Sarah Bachman, VP of Mobile Strategy at Horizon Media.

The combination of rich insights like engagement, recency, session frequency, location and more within the Kochava Collective allows networks to expose their audiences to marketers who want to target a particular, highly specialized niche.

“We have been able to increase the value with both existing and new clients who are specifically interested in our unique audiences and proprietary products,” said Andrew Wang, Managing Director of Zephyr Digital, Inc.

Andy Dhanik, VP, Demand for engage:BDR agreed: “The Kochava Collective gives us the ability to showcase the breadth and reach of our ecosystem without exposing sensitive data. Kochava has made the transactional process intuitive.”

Competitive targeting features with major network integrations

The Kochava Collective is adorned with features familiar to marketers, such as conquesting, retargeting, lookalike modeling, tailored audiences and incrementality testing and supports the needs of marketers no matter how large or small. With enhanced custom supply audience tools, marketers can scale their campaigns while simultaneously eliminating the potential of targeting the same user on different networks due to the platform’s ability to select the network with the highest probability of success in reaching each user.

“The integration with the Kochava Collective has allowed Aarki to further expand its targeting capabilities and reach for programmatic delivery for app marketers who are specifically interested in our unique audience base,” said Sid Bhatt, Aarki CEO. “As a result of the rich data within the Kochava Collective, we’re able to target ads more accurately and bid more competitively on media to ensure the greatest ROI delivery to our clients without exposing device IDs.”

Kochava works to fit the needs of both large and small marketers through integrations with the largest platforms and networks in the industry including: Facebook, Snap, Twitter, Google, The Trade Desk, AOL, AdColony and other leading mobile networks and major DSPs.

“When we first conceived the idea of the Kochava Collective, there was some question as to whether it would survive the dominance of the walled gardens. But reaching 1 billion unique device profiles proves that marketers and networks are hungry for a more diverse, transparent and independent mobile marketplace,” Manning said.