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Kochava Wins MarTech Breakthrough’s Mobile Marketing Innovation Award

By August 12, 2021August 18th, 2022News & Updates 3 Min Read

Kochava’s MediaLift™ is an accurate and affordable way to measure incremental lift

Kochava has been awarded MarTech Breakthrough’s Mobile Marketing Innovation Award for 2021 for its work on MediaLiftTM which provides a more feasible approach to traditional incrementality testing by using the Kochava Collective data marketplace.

With so many interconnected channels on which to reach audiences, naturally, advertisers want to know the impact of campaigns on them. Real-time measurement tools are effective in the short term for checking campaign performance and making immediate strategic decisions. But to see the overall impact of a campaign and how much it influenced conversions is the value of incrementality testing. 

Although necessary, incrementality testing can take time and be costly. It requires withholding advertising from a portion of the audience in order to create a control or holdout group, which in itself can raise questions about bias and whether the holdout group was close enough to the intended audience. This is where MediaLiftTM is innovative and eliminates the need to carve out a holdout group by using a forensic one using the Kochava Collective, the largest independent data marketplace available for audience discovery and enrichment.

Kochava data scientists use the Collective to model a comparable forensic control group using a scoring method based on device behavior. Using this device scoring method, MediaLiftTM allows advertisers to maximize their audience reach while measuring how the forensic control group would respond to the campaign. 

Not only does the service provide affordable and accurate incrementality testing, it has also benefitted OOH, OTT, and CTV—channels traditionally difficult to measure. As an example, MediaLiftTM helped a national quick service restaurant chain prove the efficacy of its CTV campaigns with the nation’s leading OTT platform. There were over 2M hashed primary IP addresses—1.7M of which belonged to households in the exposed group, with the remaining 300K in the control group from the OTT/CTV platform. With a 90% confidence interval, Kochava showed the campaign generated a significant incremental lift, resulting in over 4,800 purchases. 

Kochava has helped hundreds of brands learn the true impact of their marketing efforts with MediaLiftTM. With the adtech industry facing challenges with respect to how advertisers access data, MediaLiftTM offers a secure, efficient, and affordable way to measure incrementality.

We’re proud of the tools we design for marketers and ecstatic about receiving the Mobile Marketing Innovation Award from MarTech Breakthrough. 

For more information about MediaLiftTM visit, contact us, or reach out to your Client Success Manager.