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Leverage Your IDFAs Before They’re Gone

By March 18, 2021August 18th, 2022iOS 14 & SKAdNetwork, News & Updates 4 Min Read

Three ways to minimize the impact of the iOS 14.5 update through the Kochava Collective

iOS 14.5 is getting closer and with it the urgency to utilize the breadth of IDFA-based mobile data at the fingertips of marketers. Once the AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework is enforced with this update, and the IDFA is put behind an app-level opt-in, marketers will face new challenges. Don’t hit the panic button just yet! By leveraging the Kochava Collective, your team can squeeze a bit more life out of your mobile data and maximize opportunities for the future. 


 1.) Onboard your IDFA-based mobile audience data

Onboarding your internal customer data with the Kochava Collective opens a lot of doors for ways to extend the use of your mobile data sets. Overlay your first-party audience data with any or all of our nine robust data feeds for audience enrichment and simplified syndication & activation. Unlock streamlined analysis of your omni-channel marketing mix with one of the highest match rate data marketplaces in the industry. Your brand can also gain detailed insights to build custom audiences based on holistic user profiles and customer journeys. The Collective Audience Builder tool is designed for your team to simplify the audience segmentation process and build tailored qualified customer lists to grow your advertising revenue directly on the platform. 


2.) Cross the bridge to web

Another way to squeeze more life out of mobile data is by bridging your IDFAs to web cookies. Kochava and LiveIntent have partnered to help advertisers extend the life of their mobile data. Easily leverage anonymized IDs outside of mobile apps with over 2billion cookies and explore seamless activation options across the largest web-based ad exchanges. Overlay cookie data on any Kochava Collective data licensing feed (app activity, precision geographics, hashed emails, demographics, etc.) to create a premium enriched audience set to utilize across platforms. Learn about more ways to utilize the Kochava + LiveIntent partnership in our blog.


3.) Utilize enriched omni-channel user profiles to guide your direct deals

Make more informed decisions on your TV upfronts, direct over-the-top (OTT) buys, and digital private marketplace deals using detailed holistic customer profiles. Data is key for accomplishing identity resolution and understanding the interests, behaviors, and app and brand affinity of your best customers. In turn, these insights will help you know where to focus future growth efforts to find more high-value users. 

With billions of connected devices globally, the Collective is the perfect data marketplace to build multi-touchpoint user profiles. Enrich your internal data or discover a new affinity or interest-based audience segments. These are great ways to bring your brand closer to engaging quality and loyal customers.


The time to act is now

Don’t let your valuable audience data go unused. We are here to help. To find out more ways to maximize your mobile data before the disruption of iOS 14.5 and the ATT framework please contact or visit