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AdXcel, Altrooz, Appia, Kochava, and Liquid partner to bring collective intelligence to mobile ad space; invite ad networks and publishers globally to join the Collective

SANDPOINT, Idaho – September 23, 2015 – Five mobile advertising industry heavyweights joined forces to announce today the mobile advertising industry’s first advertiser data-driven Collective. The Collective, a joint project led by Kochava (, and backed by leading mobile media sources including AdXcel, Altrooz, Appia (a part of Digital Turbine, Nasdaq: APPS), and Liquid, brings the most prominent innovators in mobile advertising together so that meaningful audience matches can be made between advertisers and publishers without advertisers having to sacrifice their unique user data in order to benefit from collective intelligence.

“Asking an advertiser to hand over their unique user data is akin to asking a professional sports team to hand over their playbook, along with notes on what’s working and what’s not, to their competitors,” said Charles Manning, Kochava CEO. “The Collective believes that the advertiser’s data is their data and we adhere to how the advertiser wants their data to be treated. At the same time, publishers want to make their audience data available to advertisers to enable better targeting, filtering and ad buying—at scale. We achieve both with the Collective.”

With the Collective, AdXcel, Altrooz, Appia, Liquid, and Kochava, have joined forces to create the largest and first ever Mobile Graph™ from which advertisers can create custom audiences and target those audiences with precision and scale. Made up of a pool of network-supplied data sets, an API layer for the exchange of information between advertisers, publishers and measurement companies, and the Audience Manager, a tool for creating the most precisely targeted audience lists in the industry, the Collective was created to drive new efficiencies in the mobile ad marketplace.

how-it-works“The revolutionary targeting capabilities provided by the Collective will dramatically increase mobile ad campaign effectiveness for brand and performance advertisers alike,” said Erik Lundberg, Chief Revenue Officer at AdXcel. “The Collective also increases the value of every ad impression for mobile publishers and programmatic exchanges. Everybody wins.”


Leveraging the industry’s largest ad network and publisher pool already integrated with Kochava, the Collective will deliver the broadest audience segments available to advertisers, along with the unique ability to not only define the exact audience to target, but also eliminate all overlap across the multiple ad networks selected for the campaigns. The Collective is a match maker between the advertiser and the networks and their meaningful publisher sources. The advertiser leverages the Collective to determine the best networks to reach those particular users, eliminating overlap, and ultimately driving incredible efficiencies.

“Mobile CPI buyers and sellers are both going to crush it leveraging the Collective from Kochava,” said Tom Anderson, Head of Programmatic for Liquid. “The market has been dying for this solution for years now.”


The Collective utilizes new technology providing an Audience API Layer, developed by Kochava, to keep customer data and measurement data secure and independent. With the Audience API Layer technology, personally-identifiable information (PII) is always abstracted and obstructed from being shared by the Advertisers using the Collective.

Equally, the Collective does not pass Device IDs to the advertisers, but rather leverages its connections with the networks to programmatically recommend the ideal network to reach each audience member on an advertiser’s target list. As the advertiser changes the various criteria used to target users, the network recommendation will also change. Finally, the output of the Collective is a series of specified segments that are only accessible to the sourced publisher or media source for which the targeting applies with the Advertiser. This means that Advertisers can easily search and Publishers can easily target the intended audiences—a true match-making outcome.

“As a leading mobile user acquisition platform, Appia has a broad network of direct publisher partners with the data to show how we can reach the users that advertisers want to target,” said Jim Harvey, Executive Vice President of Advertising at Appia, a Digital Turbine company. “The Collective gives advertisers a simple way to tap into millions of potential active users, find the ones they want to target, and then automatically determine the best network to reach each individual user. This method ultimately empowers us to increase our market share in the areas where we are proven to deliver. It’s a win-win for the entire ecosystem.”

“The open delivery model brought on by the Collective empowers networks to put their best foot forward when it comes to delivering the right audience, and brings much needed transparency to the process of finding the best networks to execute campaigns based on the audience an advertiser is trying to reach,” said Rob Crumpler, CEO of Altrooz. “As a leading publisher of mobile ads we grow our business by being able to deliver the users that advertisers really want. The Collective makes everyone’s job easier, giving advertisers a simple way to create custom audiences, and automatically revealing the best networks to deliver those audiences.”


The Collective will be led by Tan Tmangraksat, Vice President of Audience Monetization. Tan has deep experience in the mobile ad space, taking on the Collective after spending the last 10+ years developing strategic supply relationships in the digital advertising industry. Most recently, Tan led Publisher Solutions at Airpush where he enjoyed enormous success helping developers monetize their apps while growing the Airpush inventory. Prior to that, he was instrumental in developing the supply strategy for Mobclix which would be acquired by Velti. Tan brings keen analytical skills, leadership, and a proven solutions oriented management approach to his role leading the charge behind the Collective.

“Mobile user acquisition campaigns are growing in cost as supply is shrinking with the steep spike in demand,” said Tan Tmangraksat, Vice President of Audience Monetization for the Collective. “The Collective stands to drive incredible efficiencies for mobile advertisers and we anticipate this project will have a snowball effect on the industry; the larger the pool of participants in the Collective, the greater the benefit for everyone involved. Join us, and together we will revolutionize mobile advertising.”

Mobile advertisers and publishers interested in joining the Collective should contact Kochava or visit for more information.

About Kochava
Kochava offers a unique, holistic and unbiased approach to mobile attribution analytics and optimization. Via its award-winning mobile attribution platform, Kochava provides mobile advertisers with precise, audience-specific, real-time visualization of campaign data that spans from initial launch through conversion and lifetime value (LTV) reporting, including comprehensive post-install event tracking. Kochava’s tools enable customers to turn their data into actionable information. Kochava is integrated with more than 1,300 publishers like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pandora. For more information visit

About AdXcel

The AdXcelerator platform, powered by AdXcel’s breakthrough, patent-pending mDCO ad creative optimization technology, doubles mobile campaign performance for brand and performance advertisers. AdXcel also dramatically increases revenue for publishers and programmatic exchanges. AdXcel provides the first single integrated solution for optimizing advertising creative, audience, and media placement in real-time.

About Altrooz

Altrooz is a leading mobile advertising network driving millions of high-quality users for top-tier brands and games developers on a global basis. Our unique mobile data includes accurate demographic data, behavioral targeting and “social signals” on the apps users love most. As users increasingly move from web to mobile, one of the biggest challenges marketers face today is gaining a truer understanding of who their users are and how to communicate with them. Altrooz solves the mobile data conundrum and gives advertisers the insights to create more successful campaigns.

About Appia, a part of Digital Turbine, Inc.

Appia, a part of Digital Turbine, is a leading mobile user acquisition network. Appia has delivered more than 100 million app installs for hundreds of advertisers, including more than 70% of the top 100 grossing apps on the App Store and Google Play. Appia provides the technology, infrastructure, and scale to provide higher lifetime value users for advertisers while driving positive return on ad spend. In addition, Appia partners with a diverse set of publishers including app developers, mobile websites, and carriers to maximize their advertising revenue. Appia is a venture-backed company and currently operates in multiple offices worldwide including San Francisco, Singapore, Durham, Cork, and Mexico City. More information available at

About Liquid

Liquid is the digital ad targeting platform for Publishers Clearing House. Using PCH’s resource of 100+ million first-party consumer profiles, Liquid helps marketers define and target their ideal customers across devices and platforms more accurately and effectively than ever before. The company is headquartered in Portland, Maine, with offices in New York City, Port Washington, Boston, and San Francisco.