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Ensure Quality Hashed Email Identity Matches Through Data Cleansing With the Kochava Collective

By December 9, 2020August 18th, 2022Fraud Prevention, News & Updates 4 Min Read

Marketers receiving HEM-to-MAID data feeds from the Collective leverage data cleansing algorithm to ensure quality matches

With increasing data privacy in the ecosystem, particularly with iOS 14, marketers need to make the most of the first-party data they obtain from users for marketing purposes. Marketers receiving hashed email data feeds to better understand their audience in the absence of device identifiers, will now have their data feeds cleansed by the Kochava Data Science team.

While the data feed provides you with raw data, it’s common practice to cleanse the data to remove corrupt or duplicate data. With our data cleansing service, you can ensure that the matches you receive are high quality because it undergoes a rigorous cleansing process which includes:

  • Validating single provider data sets by comparing them to interprovider data. Inconsistencies among device types and hashed email values are identified and removed from the database.
  • Comparing data sets to identify and validate high-quality matches.
  • Temporarily removing (“pruning”) single-source matches, identifying tightly closed loops of quality matches, and removing any suspect links to create a trusted validated cluster of HEM to MAID matches. If there are devices with too many links to one email, called “super clusters”, those are considered questionable and are removed.
Bad HEM to MAID match
Good HEM to MAID match after data cleansing

With so much data, you need a trusted partner to ensure you’re working with the most accurate data matches possible. 

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