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What is Audience Enrichment and Why Do You Need It?

By December 13, 2021December 16th, 2022News & Updates 10 Min Read

Your users are not just your users. They visit other sites, buy other products, and search other topics. Without utilizing audience enrichment, you are blind to the full breadth of your audience’s profile. Your users are multidimensional and by enriching your audiences, your data can become multidimensional too.

In this post, let’s answer some questions around audience enrichment and how you can successfully build out your audiences for the most user insights.

What is audience enrichment?

Audience enrichment is the process of improving or enhancing the data already collected about your current audiences. In mobile marketing, audience data consists of information on users who have viewed or clicked on an ad, installed/used an app, or bought a product. You can enrich your audiences by collecting data on your users as they travel to other websites, apps, or platforms.

Audience enrichment

Why do I need audience enrichment?

Solely relying on your first-party data to make marketing decisions gravely limits your understanding of your users. By enriching your audiences, you can create multi-layered user profiles that can be used to improve marketing initiatives and retargeting campaigns. Audience enrichment can provide you with more information into your users habits and interests including:

  • What other products they are buying
  • What restaurants and stores do they visit
  • What activities do they participate in
  • What apps they download and games they play

Compiling more data on your audiences allows you to make more informed marketing decisions, maintain a solid userbase by increasing your user’s lifetime value (LTV), and overall, increase revenue.

How does audience enrichment work?

Audience enrichment works by taking first-party data, data about a company’s customers that’s gathered and owned by that company, and enhancing it with third-party data, data from sources that do not directly interact with the customer. Advertisers can enrich their audiences by combining data they already have on their users with additional data from other sources on those same users.

For example, an eCommerce store can use purchase history data from their customers and overlay it with data acquired from a company that has a list of users who searched for “winter coats.” The eCommerce store can then send those users ads for their winter coats in the hopes of acquiring new customers.

Enrich your audiences with the Kochava Collective

The Kochava Collective is the world’s largest independent mobile, privacy-first data marketplace with over 7B (yes, billion) device profiles used to help advertisers create more efficient marketing campaigns through audience enrichment, identity resolution, and custom audience building.

Kochava helps fill in those blind spots by enriching the data you already have and supplying you with new data to help grow your audiences.

Audience enrichment Kochava Collective

The Collective makes it simple for advertisers to discover new audiences and enhance their current ones with robust data including:

  • Precision location data to better understand where your users eat, shop, and play
  • A mobile app graph so that you can learn what other apps users have on their devices
  • Consumer interest and behavior data to know what things your users search for, buy and interact with the most

Learn more about how the Collective can help you enrich your data with this blog.

See the full dimension of your audience

As users move through their life, they create millions of data points that make up their digital profile. Harnessing both first- and third-party data allows you to see the full dimension of your audiences. Expanding your view through audience enrichment is the key to forming effective marketing strategies.

Kochava provides a platform that helps measure and analyze your first-party data as well as provide access to the Collective audience enrichment data. With this trove of information, you will take your audience targeting and reengagement to a whole new level.

We are here to support you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or visit our website.