Kochava has architected and invested in a scalable and powerful infrastructure model to ensure industry-leading response times and extensive data security. With subsecond response times and a minimum guarantee of 99.998% uptime, Kochava is the fastest and most reliable real-time data platform available.
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There are a few key aspects of the Kochava system that ensure we keep our promises. If you’re interested in a deeper look at our real-time infrastructure, read this post by our Director of Product Engineering, Eric Mann. Below are some of the cornerstones of our system:

1. A combination of owned and managed hardware

A real-time, globally distributed data processing system demands a broad set of attributes from privacy and control to scalability and low latency. The Kochava system includes a combination of owned and cloud-based servers giving us the control of owning our hardware while also leveraging the scalability and distribution footprint of cloud solutions.

5x Faster
5x Faster

2. Redundancy and queueing

With billions of transactions flowing daily from globally distributed devices via a variety of hardware, networks and mobile apps, unforeseen hiccups are inevitable. The Kochava system is designed to handle these hiccups (e.g., corner cases, user errors, network problems, implementation bugs, etc.) with grace. The system handles all traffic on a global FIFO basis, ensuring that impressions are processed before clicks; clicks are always processed before installs; and installs before post-install events. Our globally distributed inboarders stay in sync across locations, traffic types and time zones.

3. Auto-scaling server instances

Mobile app traffic ebbs and flows with app usage. For example, sports apps tend to peak during major events, like the Super Bowl. These spikes in traffic volume are often exponential and require more hardware than the standard load warrants. Keeping enough servers running to handle these peaks would present an insurmountable cost burden on the business, while failure to have enough processing power during peaks would not be acceptable either. The Kochava system maintains a threshold of processing headroom. When that threshold is exceeded, new instances of the needed servers are automatically provisioned and deployed. Once traffic volumes fall below the threshold, the additional server instances are deactivated.

4. An ethos of continuous improvement

The Kochava system is the focus of constant scrutiny and innovation. We are bullish about being out in front of customer requirements and a large part of this is the required infrastructure to support the cutting edge app marketing experiences our customers are creating.

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Reliable when it matters most

Excerpted for Backflip Studios case study
Backflip Studios likens its all-important game launch weeks to Hollywood premieres, in which the majority of promotional budgets are aimed at making a big opening splash.

And because of Kochava’s infrastructure investment, customers like Backflip Studios can track the performance of multiple campaigns in real-time as they unfold, allowing King’s team to adjust on the fly.

“We’ll notice that during certain campaigns, we’ll be underperforming or over-performing,” King said. “We’ll redirect funds. We’ll call campaign managers when things aren’t going as expected, and they appreciate that we’re able to just generate reports dynamically and give them the data instead of saying, ‘Things are going wrong, fix them.’ We give them real results.”

And from a user perspective, Kochava’s impressive speed means news users will be less likely to notice the multiple redirects occurring between Kochava and an ad network.

“The longer that call takes,” King says, “The more likely it’s going to either time-out on the device, or get stuck in a Safari or Chrome re-direct loop. We want the ad delivery to feel as native as possible.”