Have questions about iOS 14.5, SKAdNetwork, or the ATT framework? Join us March 18 at 10am PST to get answers. Register now! Have questions about iOS 14.5, SKAdNetwork, or the ATT framework? Join us March 18 at 10am PST to get answers. Register now!

iOS 14 Changes for Kochava Integrated Partners

By September 3, 2020December 2nd, 2020Blog

Key steps to support our mutual advertiser customers

Our industry is experiencing unprecedented shifts in 2020, and we’re thankful for the strong relationships that we have with each of our valued partners. 

As a part of the sweeping changes expected with the release of iOS 14, some significant updates are necessary in how we interact with our ecosystem partners. These updates are necessary to both comply with Apple’s policy changes and support the success of our mutual clients into the future.

Updates to Your Existing, Real-time Integration

In the spirit of compliance with Apple’s guidelines that ensure a user provides consent through the AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework, Kochava will require the inclusion of the user’s ATT status within the supply-side app on every click and impression request. 

When a match is made using a click or impression without the presence of an IDFA, we will also limit the information contained in our postbacks. If the user has provided consent through ATT on both the supply-side and advertised app, our integration will function as it does today (and continue to in iOS versions prior to 14).

Updating Your Click and Impression requests

The following two key/value pairs must be included and will dictate whether or not the presence of an IDFA will be accepted:

  1.     …&att={your_macro_for_att_status}&… 
  • …&att=1&… for consent given and IDFA present
  • …&att=0&… for consent not given – any present IDFA will be dropped at ingestion

    2.      …&ad_platform={your_macro_for_inventory_type}&…

  • …&ad_platform=m_web&…
  • …&ad_platform=in_app&…

The following parameters are optional and will be available in reporting if sent:

  • att_time
  • att_duration
  • att_detail

Please let us know the macro/placeholder you’d like us to use in your template; this can be manually included on any request in the interim prior to your template’s update.


When attribution is achieved for ad signal with ‘att=0’ ad signal, we’ll remove the following fields from postback context: 

  • Kochava_device_id
  • Kochava_click_id

Updates related to Apple’s SKAdNetwork

Registering for SKAdNetwork Postback Support

The following document describes the steps necessary to register for SKAdNetwork postback support. Upon registration, partners are provided with a custom endpoint ({yoursubdomain}.adsmeasurement.com/v1/skad/postback). This endpoint can be provided in your SKAdNetwork profile as the network URL for SKAd postbacks to be sent to OR forward SKAd signals from your server to this endpoint.

Partners will have access to a secure reporting API to pull aggregated SKAdNetwork data for their campaigns across advertisers. In addition, partners will be able to map advertiser app IDs to MMP accounts, allowing any MMP to securely access SKAd reporting on behalf of their advertisers running campaigns with you as a partner on SKAdNetwork. The purpose of this free SKAdNetwork postback support is to ensure advertisers retain a holistic view of their advertising efforts through an unbiased and independent third party.

View our documentation here

To register, email Integrations@Kochava.com 

SKAdNetwork Reporting API

A reporting API spec will be provided pending confirmation from Apple on final details around the SKAdNetwork.


Kochava has built a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for facilitating real-time click and impression tracking and attribution called AdsMeasurement. This is an independent solution residing outside of Kochava’s mobile measurement services. It allows for integration with any party granted access as a self-attributing platform with configurable lookback windows and attribution rules, including cross-device attribution.

If you are interested in utilizing AdsMeasurement in conjunction with SKAdNetwork support, please email Integrations@Kochava.com to learn more.

Contextual Attribution 

In the spirit of complying with Apple’s privacy guidelines, over time, we’ll be moving away from historical fingerprint values and enhancing the contextual attributes available and used for real-time probabilistic attribution. If you would like to participate in this logic, please find and review our Integrate as a Publisher Documentation for definitions of these additional contextual values. 

For questions, please email Integrations@Kochava.com 

Mark Kellogg – Director of Technical Partnerships