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App owners and brands faced with an increasingly competitive market are turning to data enrichment solutions to provide them with the necessary insight to reach their ideal prospects with the right message at the right time.

The Interactive Advertising Board’s (IAB) “State of Data” report revealed that U.S. companies spent nearly $19.2 billion on the acquisition of audience data as well as solutions to manage, process, and analyze this data in 2018. In its “The Outlook for Data 2019: A Snapshot Into the Evolving Role of Audience Insight,” 69% of respondents reported increasing this spending in 2018 over 2017. 78% of respondents expect to further increase spending in 2019. Additionally, according to a post by Business of Apps citing an eMarketer report, mobile ad spend is on an upward trend, topping $160B in 2018, while desktop spending flatlined.

Market demand for mobile-first data is growing at an incredible rate. Meanwhile, major data marketplaces are stuck in a cookie-based world of desktop data which is worthless to advertisers who want to reach real users where they live: on their mobile devices. The challenge for most mobile-first data providers is maintaining data quality at scale. The walled gardens provide an option, but their proprietary nature limits the level of transparency in data and reporting that marketers need to truly maximize their campaigns. However, they also play an important role as activation sources within larger strategy.

The Collective includes 5B devices, 1.3B active monthly, and is growing by 400M every month. This scale combined with strategic partnerships across activation and data partners gives brands and publishers a democratized alternative to the walled gardens for data enrichment and targeting. Data partners provide insight into things like wireless carrier churn potential and POI location visitation. Marketers can access this data via dynamic data feeds, or activate custom and lookalike audiences directly on a variety of partners including Facebook, Oracle, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, Oath, Nielsen and other leading media partners.

“Brands and publishers are finding ways to cope with a future where the role of the cookie is deprecated, and those that are able to leverage identity will rise to the fore,” said LiveIntent CEO and Founder Matt Keiser. “LiveIntent and Kochava are dedicated to helping brands and publishers thrive in this new era. We are the largest email-hash-to-cookie player in the market, and Kochava is the leader in the email-hash-to-mobile ad ID (MAID) space. Working together, we’ll be able to achieve unprecedented scale for our shared clients, and all in an easy to use self-serve model for brands and publishers. Together, we’ll democratize identity and bring people-based marketing solutions to brands and publishers in this mobile-first world.”

The Kochava Collective is full of rich metadata including app affinity, age, gender, mapped points of interest, and in-app behavior (session, register, purchase, etc.). Marketers can enrich their audience data or create lookalike audiences based on high-performing cohorts and directly activate against more than 40 top media partners.

The use cases for applying the data are unlimited. Kochava supports app store analytics models to overlay engagement data, inform cross-device systems with a large deterministic graph, help establish identity for leading marketing solutions and provide predictive churn modeling by device across app categories. The web user interface and dynamic data feeds give marketers and researchers the ability to ingest valuable mobile-first data into their own systems to collide with their first-party data.

Kochava introduced Free App Analytics (FAA) to provide an attribution and analytics solution for emerging apps and marketers. Since its introduction in late 2016, its growth has been exponential with thousands of developers downloading and integrating the SDK. Kochava retains first-party data rights for FAA accounts and this data is the backbone that has fueled the Kochava Collective. The Collective includes both first- and third-party data, derived from non-EU sources. All third-party sources are scrubbed for fraud and vetted on an ongoing basis.

Kochava Enterprise clients’ data is processed and stored independently from Collective data, in accordance with those clients’ license agreements and terms. Kochava enterprise solutions, known collectively as the Unified Audience Platform, has measured trillions of events on more than 10B devices and is chosen by the world’s leading apps, brands and marketers for its capability as a highly configurable and holistic, real-time data platform.

“The depth of Collective data provides a great application for data enrichment, people-based marketing, and cross-device targeting. Now marketers can reach their best audiences with the right message on all their connected devices, providing a more cohesive and unified ad experience,” said Charles Manning, CEO and Founder of Kochava.