The Kochava Adapter Framework brings push and in-app messaging measurement to the Kochava Platform for an omnichannel view of user acquisition and re-engagement campaign data


Key Kochava partner integrations include Appboy, Leanplum, Localytics and Urban Airship, giving marketers freedom to work with the solution provider best suited to their specific needs

SANDPOINT, Idaho – July 13, 2015 – Kochava (, the mobile attribution analytics and optimization company, today announced a new class of integration through the Kochava Adapter Framework, integrating the industry’s best push and in-app messaging providers. Kochava designed the Adapter Framework to support its customer’s desires for an omnichannel view of both user acquisition and user re-engagement efforts in a single dashboard. Re-engagement of existing users is fundamental to mobile marketing success, and the Kochava platform has always allowed marketers to identify existing high-value users and trigger new targeted acquisition campaigns at the optimal moment. Push and in-app messaging tools are an important part of the mobile marketing mix and especially important for re-engagement. With the addition of push and in-app messaging integrations, the Kochava Adapter Framework lets marketers automate their mobile marketing campaigns and analytics through Kochava’s partners and track and understand how their messaging engagement and re-engagement efforts are attributable to their overall mobile media spend. The Kochava platform gives marketers the ability to create, track and optimize a variety of new campaigns beyond their initial user acquisition campaign to increase the overall lifetime value (LTV) of their existing users. With the announcement of push and in-app messaging integrations, this class of campaign can now be tracked and attributed alongside all of a mobile marketers’ other campaign data, including email, mobile web and app media spend. Kochava puts crucial metrics at marketers’ fingertips, allowing customers to visualize the true impact of all of their various campaigns via real-time attribution and analytics. This addition to the Kochava Adapter Framework brings push and in-app messaging reporting to the Kochava platform so that events such as uninstalls and app deletes can now be used as event triggers to launch ad campaigns in real-time. Kochava is announcing partnerships with industry leading push and in-app messaging providers Appboy, Leanplum, Localytics and Urban Airship. These partnerships create an unparalleled benefit to the mobile marketing ecosystem. “Instead of buying a messaging technology company, or attempting to build out these key marketing capabilities ourselves, Kochava has taken the position that we want to leverage the investments that our customers have already made and empower them to employ the push and in-app messaging tools that best serve their specific needs,” said Charles Manning, Kochava CEO. “By partnering with the best push and in-app messaging providers, and coupling these technologies with the Kochava dashboard, we are providing marketers with the most comprehensive and unified perspective on attribution across channels and audiences.” “Appboy is pleased to announce this new partnership and the value it will bring to our customers. By combining our best-in-stack mobile ecosystems, customers will now have the ability to hyper target their users throughout their journey, resulting in more actionable results that can feed into their marketing initiatives,” said Mark Ghermazian, co-founder and CEO at Appboy. “Leanplum is excited to partner with Kochava and now enable marketers to identify, measure and optimize mobile content based on channel attribution so that they can drive higher ROI across marketing vehicles,” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, co-founder and CEO of Leanplum. “The expanded partnership with Kochava is a win-win for customers who can combine the extensive reach of Kochava’s vast integrated network pool with Localytics analytics and marketing to use messaging as an effective tool for re-engaging users,” said Brian Suthoff, chief strategy officer at Localytics. “As the pioneer and worldwide market leader in mobile app engagement, Urban Airship is pleased to work with Kochava to bring user acquisition and engagement activities together in one view for mobile marketers,” said Michael Richardson, senior director of product, Urban Airship. “Mobile is the new front door to business with benefits across all channels, making a comprehensive view of performance and the ability to take action using the best solutions not only empowering, but critical.” Measurement is at the heart of all effective marketing decisions. Customers of Kochava and its partners can leverage the Kochava SDK to gain holistic and unbiased mobile attribution analytics across all of their campaign channels. Kochava has always had the largest pool of network and publisher integrations with more than 1,300 certified integrations across various media efforts. In addition, Kochava has built integration with pure-play analytics tools like Omniture, Coremetrics and Mixpanel, and with this announcement, Kochava is announcing a new class of integration for in-app messaging tools. About Kochava Kochava offers a unique, holistic and unbiased approach to mobile attribution analytics and optimization. Via its award-winning mobile attribution platform, Kochava provides mobile advertisers with precise, audience-specific, real-time visualization of campaign data that spans from initial launch through conversion and lifetime value (LTV) reporting, including comprehensive post-install event tracking. Kochava’s tools enable customers to turn their data into actionable information. With over 1,300 publisher and network integrations including Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pandora, Kochava is trusted globally by the largest brands in mobile gaming, commerce, news and media. For more information visit Media Contact: Melissa Burns Mobility Public Relations for Kochava 208-850-5939