Kochava has architected and invested in the best infrastructure to ensure that we have industry-leading click response times and that your data is always safe. Kochava guarantees 99.998% uptime and is the most fast & reliable attribution platform available.

Reliable when it matters most

Excerpted for Backflip Studios case study
Backflip Studios likens its all-important game launch weeks to Hollywood premieres, in which the majority of promotional budgets are aimed at making a big opening splash.

And because of Kochava’s infrastructure investment, customers like Backflip Studios can track the performance of multiple campaigns in real-time as they unfold, allowing King’s team to adjust on the fly.

“We’ll notice that during certain campaigns, we’ll be underperforming or over-performing,” King said. “We’ll redirect funds. We’ll call campaign managers when things aren’t going as expected, and they appreciate that we’re able to just generate reports dynamically and give them the data instead of saying, ‘Things are going wrong, fix them.’ We give them real results.”

And from a user perspective, Kochava’s impressive speed means news users will be less likely to notice the multiple redirects occurring between Kochava and an ad network.

“The longer that call takes,” King says, “The more likely it’s going to either time-out on the device, or get stuck in a Safari or Chrome re-direct loop. We want the ad delivery to feel as native as possible.”