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Industry-Leading Analytics

Kochava not only tracks attributions, it also tracks the lifetime value of the end user, giving you a complete view of the return on your investment (ROI) of your advertising spend and becoming your trusted source for all your mobile data. Read More


Holistic Measurement

As the world of connected devices grows, marketers need to augment user activity on each device with activity across all devices. Kochava has the tools needed to measure and create a holistic view of user activity on any device. Read More


True LTV

How do the marketers of a music app know how much ad revenue they are earning? Or, how can a media app best track ad-based revenue from ads served? If an app marketer makes some or all of their earnings from in-app ads, they need a way to calculate that revenue. True LTV gives marketers a 360-degree view of lifetime value at the device level. Read More


Cost Data: Ad Cost and ROI

Ad cost and return on investment (ROI) tools by Kochava provide holistic, dynamic data on one campaign dashboard. Piecing together data to determine ROI is a thing of the past; Advertisers can now assess data in one place with fully customizable reports. Read More

Identity Link

Identity Link

Kochava developed a feature called IdentityLink, which allows Kochava customers to associate an internal identifier with a Kochava device ID to manage their audience in unprecedented ways. See More


TV Lift Attribution

As mobile advertisers increasingly leverage TV ads, accurate measurement data is a challenge. Traditional TV measurement methodologies don’t offer the precision that sophisticated marketers have come to expect, and simply attributing all “organic” installs shortly following the ad is a coarse solution to the problem. Read More