Take the 1% Challenge to see how Kochava tools like Configurable Attribution, Traffic Verifier and Kochava Intelligence can save you money.


Configurable Attribution

Running campaigns without configurable attribution is like driving your car in first gear only – you’ll eventually get where you’re going, but you’re only using a fraction of the car’s power and killing its efficiency. (Plus, it’ll be extremely boring).

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Kochava Intelligence

Kochava Intelligence is the first business intelligence toolset available to mobile marketers. The features of Kochava Intelligence provide unprecedented power to access, analyze and optimize your data.

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The 1% Challenge

Industry-leading innovations from Kochava have saved advertisers millions of dollars. What would it look like for you to save even 1% of your ad budget by using fraud mitigation tools from Kochava?

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Traffic Verifier

Kochava Traffic Verifier is the first real-time fraud mitigation tool available to mobile advertisers and is part of an easy-to-use yet sophisticated toolset for ensuring that only qualified traffic makes it through the flow from impression to install.

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The Power of Influencer Reporting

In the current climate of mobile and app attribution, last-click attribution is still the standard. However, there is a lot to be learned from influencer reporting. Influencer reporting surfaces clicks and impressions that occurred but did not result in an install. Influencer data offers significant insight into your campaign performance as well as optimization opportunities.

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