Kochava Subscriptions with Industry-First CancelGuardTM Technology

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Full Lifecycle Subscription Measurement

Subscription App Measurement with Kochava

  • Third-party purchase sources automatically fed into one platform
  • Outside and in-app engagements measured for unified performance measurement
App subscription management

Current Industry Subscription Measurement

  • Multiple purchase sources & manual data aggregation and a complex measurement process
  • Potential data loss can lead do misattribution and poor campaign performance

With Kochava, don’t just track subscriptions, manage them

Utilize our CancelGuardTM technology to view the holistic user subscription lifecycle. Receive notifications from CancelGuardTM before a user terminates their services and reengage them with in-app push notifications to prevent churn and increase retention.

Enable user churn alerts with CancelGuardTM

Enable user churn alerts with CancelGuardTM and get notified automatically when a payment has failed, a user has ended a trial, or turned off auto-renew.

Manage multiple payment processors under one roof

Our universal processing system allows you to integrate with virtually any payment processor in the marketplace (including your own in-house platform).

How Kochava Subscriptions Compares

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