What is TV Tagging?

TV Tagging provides insight into the value of TV advertising. Gain further insight into the TV attribution context for installs and user engagement metrics with metadata including:

  • TV brand name
  • Channel
  • Channel name
  • DMA
  • Episode title
  • Genre
  • Product name
  • Program name

These data points are available within Kochava Analytics along with all the events you’re already tracking.


The TV Tagging Technology

TV Tagging uses advanced video recognition and indexing to provide real-time access to video stream data including TV stations, VOD, live streams and large online archives. Some highlights of the technology include:

Large-scale video probabilistic device profile: Automated content recognition technologies automatically extract rich visual metadata from thousands of live TV or video streams.

Real-time in-video search: Identification and verification of specific faces, objects or clips

Extreme accuracy, speed and efficiency: State-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques make facial and object recognition more powerful and less dependent on human interaction


The Takeaway

  • Find out if your TV ads are under-indexing in particular DMAs
  • Discover which timeframe is most advantageous to run your TV ads
  • Reveal potential patterns in correlation between the genre of a show and the response to your TV ads

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