With the Kochava mobile analytics platform, marketers can sort by every single available data point, create cohorts of users, and export any data set in a variety of formats with a single click. Track the lifetime value (LTV) of your users and analyze true return on investment (ROI), by cohort or user all within the Kochava mobile analytics platform.


The Overview of our app analytics tool gives marketers a high level aggregate display of users, events and revenue for an app.

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The Footprint view provides an interactive world map where install and purchase data is visualized based on geography.

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Events Volume

The Events Volume view is an interactive visualization of the number of events for an app over a given time frame.

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Event Detail

The Event Detail view allows marketers to visualize event data in unprecendented detail.

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Daily Active Users

The Daily Active Users view displays the number of unique users for an app on a given day, with overlays of purchase events and revenue.

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Monthly Active Users

The Monthly Active Users view displays the number of unique users that began a session or completed an event for a given month.

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Revenue Per User

A display of the average revenue generated by each user for a selected time frame.

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Cost & ROI

Analyze, compare or deconstruct media spend and return on investment across your apps.

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A visual representation of the revenue generated by users for a defined cohort over a 1, 7, 14 and 30 day time frame.

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A visual overlay of user retention rates by day for the app, with overlays of total revenue, revenue per user, and aggregate events.

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The Analytics Funnel view allows marketers to build custom user flows to analyze conversions and attrition across campaigns, device types, geography and many other criteria.

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Drill deep into your cohorts of users who completed a particular in-app event for a selected time frame; export device IDs and/or the data.

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Kochava is a leading mobile analytics and attribution platform, with all the right features to be the only partner you’ll ever need.

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