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The Kochava Difference is what separates us from the pack. Top brands choose Kochava for attribution, media planning, user targeting, holistic measurement and marketing optimization. Check out the matrix below for a simple comparison.

FEATURES & TOOLS Free App Analytics Attribution Analytics Enterprise AppsFlyer Tune adjust
Session Tracking (Duration)

Media Planning Tool Media Guide Media Guide Media Guide Mobile Advertising
Custom Data Postbacks Kochava Signals Kochava Signals Kochava Signals

Audience Activation

Fraud Blacklist

Device-Focused Reporting Only

Media Cost & ROI


Configurable Attribution

Progressive Reconciliation

SAN claims

No Facebook

View-Through Attribution

Multi-Touch Reporting

Tracker-Level Configuration*

Fingerprint Equalizer

Fractional Attribution*

Install Reprocessing


Fraud Console*

Ad Revenue LTV (True LTV) Device-Level Aggregated
Real-Time Traffic Verification* Traffic Verifier

Business Intelligence Toolset* Kochava Intelligence
SQL Data Interface Query*
Campaign Back-Testing What if?*
Data Retention 90 Days 90 Days Unlimited 90 Days 90 Days 28 Days
More Great Features Enterprise Attribution Analytics Free App Analytics
Audit Reporting

Security & Privacy

Fast & Reliable


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    *clicks required | Install and Post-Install Event data available within Analytics for 15 months; then export-only