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Leverage premium publisher solutions to better monetize on your audience, improve addressability, and extend reach.

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Kochava Publisher Suite

The Kochava Publisher Suite enables publishers to overcome the growing challenges in the digital advertising ecosystem to grow and thrive.

Incorporate first-party ad measurement to maintain brand safety and enable advertisers to prove efficacy of ad spend on your audience platform

Integrate out-of-the-box support for Apple’s SKAdNetwork to maximize monetization on iOS 14

Know your audience and build holistic user profiles to improve targeting and bid values

Boost audience discovery and addressability

Empower Advertisers to Measure and Optimize Successful Campaigns on Your Audience Platform

Avoid the cost-burden of building new in-house infrastructure to support campaign measurement and attribution for your demand-side clients. Get credit for the conversions you’re driving on behalf of advertisers, while preventing first-party data leakage.

Kochava devices and solutions

Core Functions of First-Party Ad Measurement


Ingest campaign traffic at scale via clear-labelled ad tracking tags and endpoints to understand your first-party reach.


Take control of attribution configurations and get credit in real-time for the conversions your inventory is driving.


Control what data you share with advertisers and their partners. Work with the ecosystem in a privacy-safe manner.


Syndicate campaign conversion data in real time to advertisers and their integrated partners.

Publisher sends impressions and/or clicks to custom endpoint providing MEASUREMENT of campaign ad signal
Integrated mobile measurement partner (MMP) sends conversion data on behalf of the advertiser (app installs, events, web conversions, etc.)
Publisher ad signal is correlated to advertiser app data. ATTRIBUTION is processed according to publisher’s defined configurations and lookback windows
Necessary data REDACTION is processed (e.g. redact IP, device ID, click ID) before final SYNDICATION of the reconciliation response to the MMP

SKAdNetwork Support-in-a-Box

Streamline your adoption of SKAdNetwork across your iOS inventory and remain relevant with advertisers.

Host SKAdNetwork postback ingestion and data storage.

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Share SKAdNetwork data with any advertiser’s MMP through a secure API.

Pull SKAdNetwork performance data through a robust reporting API for scalability and standardization.

Avoid the infrastructure cost burden to ingest, store, and syndicate SKAdNetwork data in-house.

Set up your SKAdNetwork support now.

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Know and Grow Your Audience with Identity Solutions

Unlock the greater potential of your audience with the power of the Kochava Collective, an independent, premium data marketplace.

Enrich Your Audience

Build upon your first-party audience data with premium third-party data from the Kochava Collective. Curate holistic user profiles to improve bidding value and inform better targeting.

Extend Your Audience

Leverage our household and primary IP identity graph to map devices to households for audience extension.

Enhance Audience Addressability

Connect mobile device profiles across channels by linking mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) to billions of hashed emails and first-party cookies.

Types of data available through the Kochava Collective

Make Kochava Collective Your Marketing Panel

Need to prove incremental lift but don’t want to sacrifice 10% of your addressable audience as a control group?

Ask us how Kochava Collective can generate a comparable marketing panel based on precision device scores, providing a control group for incremental lift assessment, while letting you address 100% of your audience reach.

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Solving for addressability and targeting in the post-IDFA, post-cookie world.

The IDFA and third-party cookies are on life support. Learn how Kochava is innovating the future of privacy-first identity solutions, enabling publishers and advertisers to buy and sell media via secure, consented identity tokens.

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