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Innovative Solutions for our Customers

“As Clear Channel Outdoor continues to innovate in ways to bring advertisers closer to the audiences that matter most, integrating our industry-first RADAR solutions with Kochava is helping to demonstrate how OOH can deliver significant incremental lifts in online engagement,” said Jeremy Flynn, VP, Data Products & Solutions, Clear Channel Outdoor. “As consumer journeys and behaviors continue shifting, this strategic partnership between Kochava Foundry and Clear Channel Outdoor will continue to be a very strong integration that connects offline media to online outcomes that will help power our customers’ recovery.”

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Jeremy Flynn, VP, Data Products & Strategy, Clear Channel Outdoor

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

The Kochava Foundry is a specialized team of data analysts who execute custom research and strategies for enterprise brands. Our team of advanced data analysts can help you harness powerful insights from your data to optimize your marketing media mix, boost your return on ad spend (ROAS), protect your ad spend from fraud and much more.

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“Your data speaks volumes—if you know how to listen.”

Grant Simmons, VP of Client Analytics, VP of Kochava Foundry and former Head of Retail Analytics at Oracle/Datalogix

We Have a Solution

of marketers want to base more decisions on data analysis

and yet…

of marketers report that they struggle with data analysis

Available Services

Get valid incrementality testing with actionable results through MediaLift. Uncover the true efficacy of your TV ad spend to drive future spending decisions.


  • Incrementality testing
  • Reach vs. frequency analysis
  • Install and event performance
  • Available for mobile, OOH/DOOH, and OTT/Connected TV

Campaign Optimization

  • Performance breakout by time of day, day of week, spot length and beyond
  • Average (Installs and/or Events) per minute
  • Average percentage increases per minute post ad

Take a deep-dive into your campaign performance data to understand cause and effect in your marketing. Get actionable insights to optimize your omni-channel media mix for the highest return on ad spend (ROAS).

Over Attribution Insights

  • Omni-channel time-to-install (TTI) outliers analysis
  • Audit of configurable attribution settings
  • Over attribution mitigation recommendations

Campaign Optimization

  • Media mix analysis for uniqueness & quality
  • Granular multi-touch influencer reporting
  • Predictive churn modeling
  • Device scoring
  • Optimization Recommendations

Enhance your anti-fraud strategy through an in-depth analysis from Kochava fraud experts. Uncover fraudulent activity and obtain detailed analysis and reporting to inform make-good requests and mitigation strategies.

Fraud Analysis
Ideal for Kochava Clients

  • Detailed fraud analysis by tactic and partner
  • Make-good recommendations
  • Tailored optimization of Kochava Fraud Prevention Tools
  • Future Mitigation Strategy

Independent Fraud Audit
Ideal for Non- Kochava Clients

  • Onboarding of campaign data
  • Fraud reporting by tactic and partner
  • Comprehensive Fraud Analysis
  • Make-good recommendations and mitigation

Got Brand Health?

Leverage our turnkey sentiment survey solution to gauge your brand’s vital signs with consumers.

Unlock Insightful Metrics On:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Reputation
  • Brand Voice
  • & More

Sentiment Survey Includes:

  • Survey creation and hosting
  • Custom quick response (QR) codes to streamline survey engagement
  • Seamless cross-platform survey links via SmartLinksTM
  • Survey engagement tracking and reporting
  • Tailored survey analysis and recommendations

Discover True Omni-channel Incremental Increase with MediaLiftTM

MediaLift leverages an identity graph to curate a modeled forensic control – removing unwanted bias between your test and control groups and ensuring accurate incremental analysis. Address 100% of your reach without holding back your own control group.

Reach vs Frequency Analysis

Install and Event Performance

Reliable Incremental Assessments

Available for mobile, OOH/DOOH, and OTT/Connected TV

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