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Kochava Products for Advertisers and Publishers

Kochava has been spearheading adtech innovation since 2011. Explore the Kochava products and tools that empower advertisers and publishers worldwide.

Kochava Products are Trusted By

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Kochava for Advertisers

Innovative tools designed to help advertisers measure, analyze, and optimize their omni-channel campaigns across user acquisition and re-engagement strategies.

Key Features:

  • Configurable Omni-channel Campaign Attribution
  • Measurement Support Across Devices and Platforms (Mobile, Web, CTV, Game Console, Desktop, VR, etc)
  • Deep Linking and User Engagement Optimization
  • Media Cost Aggregation
  • Data Management, Analytics, and Reporting
  • 4500+ Media Partner and Vendor Integrations
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m/OS Advertiser's Suite

Kochava for Publishers

Solutions to help publishers and platforms with premium ad inventory grow ad sales by providing outcomes-based measurement for performance marketers.

Key Features:

  • Clear-labeled, Hosted Ad Measurement Infrastructure
  • Configurable Outcomes Measurement
  • Cross-Device & Cross-Screen Conversion Attribution
  • Clean Room Technology to Match on 1st Party Identifiers
  • Incremental Lift Measurement on Audiences and Outcomes
  • Performance Dashboard for Ad Ops & Sales Teams
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Kochava Foundry Strategic Services

A specialized team of expert data analysts that help marketers harness powerful insights from their data to optimize marketing strategies and operations.

Key Services:

  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Tailored Ad Fraud Mitigation Planning
  • Advanced Channel Measurement (DOOH, Linear TV)
  • Incrementality and Lift Studies
  • Custom Reports and Data Feeds
  • Managed Services and Custom Projects
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Kochava Foundry

AIM (Always-On Incremental Measurement)

A real-time marketing mix modeling (MMM) platform with always-on insights UA managers can put into action.

Key Features Include:

  • Next-generation MMM Technology
  • Optimized Budget Planning
  • Continuous Model Learning
  • Effective and Actionable Data
  • Accurate Forecasting to Inform Spend Decisions
  • Scenario Planning
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Search Ads Maven

A campaign management platform that empowers iOS app marketers to maximize efficiency on their Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Integration with Your ASA Account(s)
  • Enhanced Campaign Creation & Management
  • MMP Connections to Source Post-Install Event Data
  • Keyword Analysis with AI-Driven Suggestions
  • Automation Studio for Limitless Rule Scenarios
  • Advanced ASA Reporting & Analytics
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