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Premium Strategic Services for Marketers

Get more value out of every ad dollar with expert marketing strategy consultations from our team of experienced data analysts.

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Kochava Foundry™ is a specialized team of expert data scientists that have analyzed over $5B in ad spend across 500+ brands. We help marketers harness powerful insights from their data to optimize their marketing media mix, boost return on ad spend, enhance protection against ad fraud, measure incrementality, and much more. Benefit from our team’s 50+ years of combined experience in analyzing digital marketing performance.

Too much data and not enough answers? We can help.

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“Your data speaks volumes—if you know how to listen.”

Grant Simmons, VP of Client Analytics, VP of Kochava Foundry and former Head of Retail Analytics at Oracle/Datalogix

See how Kochava Foundry brings results

Uber and Reed Smith Fraud Detection Tool Case Study

Ad Fraud Consultation

Aided by Kochava Experts, Uber Recovers Millions from Ad Fraud Scheme

Spotify Advertising and McDonald's Incremental measurement case study

Incremental Lift Studies

Spotify Drives Incremental Lift for McDonald’s with Custom Campaign Strategy

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AdTech Trends

Discover big picture trends that give insight into what you’re seeing in your business.

What our customers are saying

"Kochava's investigative fraud work was comprehensive and thorough. Their ability to illustrate the complex inner workings of digital ad fraud to the courtroom audience had a profound impact on the success of our litigation. Justice was served."

Randall Halmovici, Associate General Counsel, Uber

“As consumer journeys and behaviors continue shifting, this strategic partnership between Kochava Foundry and Clear Channel Outdoor will continue to be a very strong integration that connects offline media to online outcomes.”

Jeremy Flynn, VP, Data Products & Strategy, Clear Channel Outdoor

How Foundry strategic services can help you

Think of Foundry as your very own data analyst team.

Our experts elevate marketers to have a better understanding of their users, advertising campaigns, latest trends, anti-fraud measures, and fraud detection tools in performance marketing. Whether it’s one-off incremental measurement studies for out-of-home billboard and CTV incrementality, or long-term account management to increase understanding of performance data analytics, Foundry provides best-in-class consultancy.


Marketing Strategy Consulting

Our experts help you optimize your omni-channel marketing strategy. Mitigate over-attribution, maximize unique reach, and ensure your ad dollars are funneling toward partners driving true, quality growth.

Advanced Measurement

Obtain performance & incremental lift insights even on the most hard-to-measure channels. Leverage our advanced measurement methods & data partnerships across OOH/DOOH, OTT & CTV, and linear TV.

Tailored Fraud Mitigation

Craft your ad fraud mitigation strategy with the help of our expert analysis and recommendations. Go behind generic prevention mechanisms to uncover and eliminate the most advanced fraud tactics and schemes.

Insight Packs

A Foundry expert analyzes your unique marketing mix, leveraging propriety research methods and data. You receive an analyst-written report with recommendations that will improve performance or your money back!

Managed Services & Custom Projects

Do you need a custom data analysis? Are you looking to onboard a full-service analytics team? Ask about our options for ongoing managed services or one-time custom projects.

Strategic services highlights

The SKAdNetwork Consultation

The Kochava Foundry SKAdNetwork Consultation helps marketers better understand the intricacies of SKAdNetwork and navigate the optimal implementation to thrive where other marketers have struggled.

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iOS Attribution Distribution Report
Understand how your iOS apps attribute to media compared to the industry as a whole.

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SKAdNetwork Conversion Model Review
Ensure you’re leveraging SKAdNetwork conversion models to their greatest potential.

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Advanced Preview of SKAdNetwork 4.0
Learn how to adapt to the most impactful changes coming with the next iteration of SKAdNetwork.

orange analytics paper with magnifying glass

Source App ID Decomposition
Gain insight into where your SKAdNetwork ads have source app and site overlap across networks and reduce high-percentage NULL conversion values.

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SKAdNetwork Readiness Check by Media Partner
How does your iOS media mix rate for SKAdNetwork-readiness and what version of SKAdNetwork are partners running.

Put our experts to work for you with Insight Packs

How do Insight Packs work?

  • A Foundry expert analyzes your unique marketing mix, leveraging proprietary research methods and data
  • You receive a report of analyst-written, actionable recommendations
  • Insights are delivered in as little as one business day, enabling you to make quick optimization decisions

Our actionable custom insights are guaranteed to improve your marketing performance, or your money back.

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