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Precision-Tailored Lift Measurement Solutions for Marketers

By January 24, 2024January 25th, 2024Measurement & Attribution, Strategic Consulting 13 Min Read

Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, Kochava has your lift needs covered

The multifaceted realm of digital advertising technology is a tale of two entities: advertisers and publishers. While both are engaged and intertwined within the same ecosystem, each has distinct perspectives and challenges as well as goals and strategies. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Advertisers vs. Publishers

Advertiser Viewpoint

  • Values volume and overlap of impressions and influences
  • Needs to gauge overall contribution and value of publishers

Advertiser Objectives

  • Identify which platforms or mediums yield the highest conversions
  • Navigate the maze of ad spend efficiency
  • Assess the true incremental impact of campaigns

Publisher Viewpoint

  • Wants to account for every impression they serve
  • Needs effective measure for ads while respecting privacy constraints
  • Must optimize targeting strategies and ad placements continuously and dynamically

Publisher Objectives

  • Demonstrate value and contribution to advertisers
  • Maximize the value of each ad impression
  • Stay relevant and competitive in an increasingly saturated market

Both entities, while operating in the same space, have diverging viewpoints and requirements. With powerful tools for measurement and optimization tailored to each group’s distinct needs, Kochava is unique among mobile and omni-channel measurement providers in profoundly understanding this intricate dynamic.

Kochava’s Suite of Incremental Lift Products


Utilizes consented device-level datasets to formulate a control group, modeling an audience likely to view a particular ad.

  • Ideal for: advertisers deciphering lift from varied media sources; publishers aiming for superior evaluation toolkit
  • Superpower: Delivers comprehensive insights 7 to 10 days post campaign, can assess wide spectrum of media, and offers integrated, cross-channel view
  • Granularity/Insights: Lift due to media on installs, post-app-install conversions and footfall visitation; insights by creative or tactic, reach, and frequency
  • Required Inputs: Exposure and conversion with timestamps, 30 days of pre-period conversions
  • Ideal Media: OOH/DOOH, CTV/OTT, linear
  • Delivery: Comprehensive study and underlying workbook
  • Feasibility: Requires higher volume of data
  • Level of Effort: More intensive at outset
Foundry graph

RDiT (Regression Discontinuity in Time)

Uses time series regression to highlight conversion impact of initial ad impression.

  • Ideal for: advertisers and publishers interacting with platforms like DSP or SAN and needing prompt, insightful feedback
  • Superpower: Offers insights within rapid 2-day turnaround, enabling profound understanding of early impressions, a critical element for shaping effective campaigns
  • Granularity/Insights: Assesses lift from first ad impression to conversions, split by various categories such as creative, campaign, ad set, and more
  • Required Inputs: Exposure and conversion with timestamps
  • Ideal Media: AdTech DSP, SANs, CTV/OTT platforms
  • Delivery: Periodic, recurring reports
  • Feasibility: Suitable for lower data volume
  • Level of Effort: Relatively low
RDiT (Regression Discontinuity in Time)

AIM (Always-On Incremental Measurement)

Leverages machine learning to build real-time dynamic models.

  • Ideal for: advertisers trying to improve their attribution signal in the wake of evolving privacy policies, as this next-gen marketing mix modeling tool uses only privacy-first data
  • Superpower: Analyzes cost curves to identify areas where marketing efficiencies can be maximized and inefficiencies minimized; measures the impact of offline media on digital sales
  • Granularity/Insights: Spend recommendations focusing on contribution of each publisher at network, publisher, and campaign level
  • Required Inputs: Daily cost and conversions by app/network/geo
  • Ideal Media: DSPs, SANs, and any platform with aligned real-time cost and conversions
  • Delivery: Interactive dashboard within UI; full reporting API
  • Feasibility: Higher initial data requirement, minimal thereafter
  • Level of Effort: Initial setup requires more effort, largely self-running thereafter
AIM (Always-On Incremental Measurement)

Always-On for Publisher’s Suite

Offers continuous (daily to intradaily) insights and adjustment modeling to neutralize prior impression biases.

  • Ideal for: publishers aspiring to pioneer in evolving CTV marketplace
  • Superpower: Crafted especially for emerging connected television (CTV) domain, guaranteeing that publishers remain at forefront of innovation
  • Granularity/Insights: Similar to RDiT but constantly updated, ensuring removal of prior-impression bias
  • Required Inputs: Exposure and conversion with timestamps
  • Ideal Media: Specifically crafted for CTV
  • Delivery: UI, integrated platform, and postback systems
  • Feasibility: Works well with lower data volume
  • Level of Effort: Generally low

Find the Best Tools for Your Needs

The modern advertising landscape is intricate, with advertisers and publishers alike requiring tools honed to their distinct challenges. Kochava, with its unique understanding of the ever-evolving AdTech landscape, offers precision tools tailored for every nuance. Whether you’re an advertiser seeking ROI clarity or a publisher aiming to showcase your value, we equip you with industry-best tools for harnessing actionable insights for optimal decisions. Welcome to the future of ad measurement and optimization!

Interested in learning more? Contact us for a free consultation and product demo.