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Next-Gen Campaign Measurement Solutions for OOH and DOOH

Approach out-of-home (OOH) and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) as a performance marketing channel with outcomes-based measurement from Kochava.

Outcomes-Based Measurement Trusted by Premier DOOH Providers

Kochava is a trusted measurement partner for Clear Channel Outdoor, Adomni, Intersection, GSTV, and other premier DOOH providers.

According to Statista, global DOOH ad spend is expected to reach $20.82 Billion by 2028.

Unfortunately, most marketers and advertising agencies still struggle to effectively measure the impact of their DOOH spend. Many DOOH publishers settle for brand lift studies—a basic pre/post panel treatment that only measures brand sentiment shift.

Kochava delivers true PERFORMANCE reporting, just like advertisers expect from their digital performance campaigns.

We’ve Got Your DOOH Measurement Needs Covered!

DOOH Measurement

Are you an advertiser or agency seeking better measurement for your DOOH campaigns?

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DOOH Measurement

Are you an outdoor advertising company looking to empower your clients with outcomes-based measurement?

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How Kochava DOOH Measurement Works

DOOH measurement is accomplished by leveraging a variety of data ingredients provided by the outdoor advertising company, the brand/advertiser, a privacy-first, third-party identity graph, and Kochava.

DOOH Measurement Funnel

Measure DOOH Campaigns Against Outcomes That Matter

Kochava provides measurement options for both online and offline conversion outcomes.

App Installs & Events Across Mobile, CTV, etc.

Website Visits & Conversions



Merchant-Level Consumer Purchase Data

And More

Choose One or More Preferred Reporting Types

Kochava provides three distinct reporting types that can be selected based on the goals, objectives, and KPIs of the advertiser and DOOH company.

Conversion Report

A post-campaign conversion report offering a quick view of performance and reach.

MediaLift™ Report

A post-campaign, extended analysis that calculates incremental lift leveraging proprietary forensic control group technology.

Always-On Near Real Time Reporting

In-flight campaign reporting with actionable insights in as little as 72 hours and ongoing refreshes every 24 hours.

Dissect, Analyze, and Optimize DOOH Campaigns With Performance Metrics Broken Down By:

  • Campaign
  • Creative ID
  • Campaign Metadata
  • Billboard Placement ID
  • DMA
  • City, State
  • Exposure Frequency
  • Lookback Range
  • Conversion Type
  • Conversion Metadata
  • And More

Get Powerful Insights Into:

Exposure Density by DOOH Placement

Conversion Performance by DOOH Exposure Frequency

Conversion Performance Index by Submarket

DOOH Incrementality With MediaLift™

MediaLift‘s proprietary methodologies model a forensic control group that mirrors the attributes and audience characteristics of the test group exposed to DOOH ad placements.

Synthetic control groups are modeled using a privacy-first, third-party identity graph, which contains over 10+ billion consented device profiles.

The result is an unbiased foundation upon which to assess true incremental lift between test and control with a 90% or greater confidence interval.

Jeremy Flynn
VP, Data Products & Strategy

“As Clear Channel Outdoor continues to innovate in ways to bring advertisers closer to the audiences that matter most, integrating our industry-first RADAR solutions with Kochava is helping to demonstrate how OOH can deliver significant incremental lifts in online engagement.”

Case Study

Leading Outdoor Advertising Company Delivers Incremental Lift for Food Delivery Brand

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