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A Revolution in OOH Media & DOOH Measurement

Measure the incremental lift of your out-of-home (OOH) and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns with MediaLift™ from Kochava.

According to eMarketer, US OOH media ad spending is expected to increase 14.5% in 2021 to over $6.96B. However, many marketers still struggle to understand the impact of their OOH spend.

MediaLift™ from Kochava delivers a revolutionary form of measurement to give marketers a truer understanding of the incremental lift in online engagement that’s driven by their OOH and DOOH efforts.

What makes MediaLift better?

What makes MediaLift Better?

MediaLift leverages proprietary device scoring technology to model a synthetic control group that mirrors the attributes and audience characteristics of the test group exposed to your OOH media ad placements.

Synthetic control groups are modeled using an identity graph, which contains  over 10 billion consented device profiles and the enrichment data associated with them.

The result is an unbiased foundation upon which to assess true incremental lift between test vs. control with a 90% or greater confidence interval.

Leverage MediaLift with Major Outdoor Advertising Companies

Kochava is a trusted partner with ClearChannel Outdoor, Adomni, Intersection, GSTV, and other major providers.

Jeremy Flynn

“As Clear Channel Outdoor continues to innovate in ways to bring advertisers closer to the audiences that matter most, integrating our industry-first RADAR solutions with Kochava is helping to demonstrate how OOH can deliver significant incremental lifts in online engagement.”

Jeremy Flynn

VP, Data Products & Strategy
Clear Channel Outdoor

Kochava + DPAA Logos

Kochava is a member of the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association (DPAA).

MediaLift Supports OOH/DOOH Measurement Across Placement Types

Whether your advertisement is featured on a roadside billboard or a moving bus, we can help you measure its impact.

OOH/DOOH Measurement Across Placement Types

Use MediaLift to Connect OOH/DOOH Campaign Exposure to:

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Mobile App Downloads & In-App Events
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Website Visits & Activity
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Other Online Engagement with Connected Devices

Learn how evolution within the ad tech ecosystem is changing OOH advertising measurement in this DPAA white paper featuring contributions from Kochava.

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How MediaLift for OOH/DOOH Works


Run your campaign with your OOH/DOOH advertising partner.


Your advertising partner onboards OOH/DOOH ad placement data to Kochava.


Device profiles with OOH/DOOH placement exposure are onboarded into Kochava as the test group.


MediaLift leverages proprietary device scoring to model a synthetic control group identical to the test.


Target conversion points (mobile app, web, etc.) are identified and onboarded to Kochava.


Target conversion performance in test vs control is analyzed to calculate incremental lift.

MediaLift OOH Case Study

Leading Outdoor Advertising Company Delivers Incremental Lift Measured by Kochava

A top food and drink delivery service wanted to boost in-app order revenue through an out-of-home (OOH) campaign with one of the top outdoor advertising companies.

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Invigorate your OOH & DOOH media strategy with premium incremental lift measurement from MediaLift.