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App Analytics Tools in Real Time

Visualize Your Campaign Performance as it’s Happening

KochavaDashboard OverviewSnapshot
Analyze performance by specific cohorts or across all time
View stats across multiple apps and platforms simultaneously
Gather quick snapshots of key performance metrics
Explore and export data visuals

In today’s fast-paced world the success or failure of a marketing campaign can be decided in a matter of hours. Marketers need app analytics for instant visibility into key performance metrics to adapt in the moment and course-correct campaigns toward success.


Kochava’s cross-platform analytics empower marketers to dive into their performance data across 13 interactive views – capturing the big picture at a glance or drilling down to precise, granular detail.

Key metrics can be filtered and split by any combination of data attributes from channel and campaign down to specific creative IDs and keywords.

Visualize Key Performance Metrics

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Daily Active Users (DAU)

Revenue Per User (RPU)

and more

KochavaDashboard MonthlyActiveUsers
App growth data on the Kochava dashboard

Export Charts, Graphs & Datasets

Instantly download stunning data visuals

Export raw data to customize your own charts

Incorporate into your own internal reports

Explore the User Funnel

Analyze common event sequences

Identify user drop-off within the engagement funnel

Directly export or save audiences for retargeting

KochavaDashboard FunnelAnalytics
Kochava dashboard of campaign event details on a laptop.

Create Flexible Filters

Robust filtering across any data attribute

Narrow to specific geos, campaigns and other dimensions

Save your favorite filters and views

Build Your Own Reports

Explore your data in an interactive pivot table

Design custom reports

Easily export data

KochavaDashboard Explorer

For a comprehensive review of Kochava Analytics, visit our support documentation.

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