Expect More From Your QR Codes

Leverage SmartLinks™ technology to maximize growth and customer engagement insights from your quick response (QR) code efforts.

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QR Code Applications

Display your QR Codes on all of your marketing channels

QSR packaging

CPG labelling

In-store and OOH signage

Store catalogs

Purchase receipts

TV direct response

Gain quick response data from all of your campaigns

Get in-depth analytics on your full customer journey.

Deep link consumers to mobile web experiences or in-app content.

Enrich mobile user profiles with data from the Kochava Collective.

And explore more benefits!

Power Direct Response on Your TV Ads

SmartLinks™ for TV Powered by Kochava

Univision logo

Univision Powers Voter Engagement with SmartLinks™ for TV

Modern phones have QR code recognition built-in to their native camera apps—making it easier than ever for users to scan.

Use SmartLinks™ for TV to create high resolution scannable overlays in your TV ad creatives, giving viewers a direct response mechanism on engaging calls to action.

Dynamically deep link users directly into your app or website, and measure every scan in real time, visualizing down-funnel conversions.

QR Codes & Your Marketing Strategy

Get the most out of your QR code campaigns with creative applications and key considerations.

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Unlock Household Audience Insights

Leverage SmartLink scan data mapped to the Kochava Collective’s primary IP and household identity graph to gain new insights on your audience. Access enrichment data based on demographics, app affinity, points of interest (POI) visitation, interests & behaviors, precision location, and much more.

SmartLinks™ for TV Highlights

Built-In Platform Detection
Viewer devices are auto-recognized, ensuring dynamic routing to the appropriate application or app store for download.

Dynamic Deep Linking
Connect consumers with personalized in-app experiences, ensuring friction-free journeys to the desired conversion event.

Kochava SmartLinks QR code and a laptop.

Real-Time Analytics
Instantly visualize campaign performance and see every scan in real-time across our enterprise analytics suite.

How it Works


Create your SmartLink and enter a destination for viewers to go based on their device, location, and other filters. Dynamically deep link viewers directly into your app, or any website.


Save & Output your hi-res SmartLink code and incorporate it into your TV ad. PRO TIP: Boost scan rates with enticing calls to action and special offers.


Analyze performance in real time as users scan the SmartLink with their mobile camera’s built-in QR code detector. Capture every scan and resulting down-funnel conversion at the device level.


Leverage mobile device data to discover more about your audience with the Kochava Collective’s household and primary IP identity graph.

Do More With SmartLinks™ for TV

Connect consumers to dynamic content

Reach performance goals more efficiently

Boost return on investment (ROI)

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Data within the Kochava Collective is sourced from Kochava’s first-party SDK footprint via Free App Analytics customers only, who exchange free services for data licensing rights. Verified third-party data providers also contribute data to the Collective. All data in the Collective is compliant with all consent regulations.