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Revitalizing Vigilance in Ad Fraud Mitigation

By June 4, 2024June 5th, 2024Fraud Prevention, Strategic Consulting 11 Min Read

Redefining fraud prevention amid shifting industry focus

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, the battle against fraudulent bot activity remains a crucial priority for marketers. Despite the industry’s shift toward privacy-focused technologies like SKAdNetwork, fraudsters—especially on Android—continue to pose a significant threat. While discussions around fraud may have waned, the reality of its impact has not, making it imperative for marketers to refocus attention on fortifying ad fraud prevention strategies.

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Fraudsters Are Adapting

Fraudsters are adept at adapting their tactics to circumvent traditional anti-fraud measures, leveraging advancements such as machine learning algorithms to evade detection. These sophisticated bots—whether originating from click farms or malware—have evolved to mimic human behavior, making them increasingly challenging to identify. However, their relentless pursuit to win last-touch attribution credit often results in noticeable spikes in activity, betraying their artificial nature.

One particularly wily tactic employed by fraudsters involves strategically stalling installs in order to evade detection. The perpetrator endeavors to deceive anti-fraud systems by prolonging the installation process just beyond conventional checkpoints. Despite these efforts, careful analysis of post-launch performance data can reveal telltale signs of bot activity, such as sudden spikes and uneven distributions.

The Fight for Clean Signal

To combat fraud effectively, marketers must prioritize maintaining “clean signal” with network partners. This involves separating impressions and clicks into distinct data streams to safeguard the integrity of campaign data. Additionally, implementing shorter lookback windows and robust traffic verification settings, as well as leveraging tools such as Google Play Install Referrer, can enhance ad fraud prevention efforts.

Despite the industry’s growing focus on privacy, the fight against ad fraud remains ongoing. By collaborating with trusted networks and customizing anti-fraud measures to align with app-specific behavior patterns, marketers can mitigate the risks posed by fraudulent activity. Engaging with industry experts and fostering a collaborative approach to combating fraud is essential for staying ahead in the dynamic digital advertising landscape.

“For many of the marketing teams we talk to, the topic of ad fraud has taken a back seat to SKAdNetwork and other privacy initiatives. These are unequivocally valuable topics to focus on, but during this privacy-centric moment, it’s worth remembering that the fraudsters haven’t gone anywhere.”

Tyler Levasseur

Ad Fraud Prevention Specialist and Manager of Client Analytics


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