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Kochava Summit is back in person for 2023!

One of the Ad-Tech industry’s must-attend events, three days of inspiration, networking, and fun.

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Driving an Innovation Agenda

Feb 14-16, 2023. The event is invite only and tickets are $2500

What can you do when outside forces distress your systems, teams, and bottom line? Fortify the frameworks that provide stability for your team, and cultivate a culture of innovation to remain competitive or even break through and level up. Celebrate the opportunity to move in more profitable directions, rather than allowing old systems to hold you back.

Kochava Summit 2023 will be an exploration of economic, regulatory and cultural trends impacting us all, and a reminder that the digital advertising industry and its people are uniquely capable of invention and innovation. We’ll look at both organizational and ad-tech trends and share how you can tap into next-generation technology and systems to move ahead.

A Peek into the Agenda

The Future of Attribution

The attribution revolution is unfolding before our eyes. Kochava CEO Charles Manning explores what’s in store for campaign measurement in a privacy-first, post-MAID world.

All Things iOS

AppTrackingTransparency framework, SKAdNetwork, Apple Search Ads and more. How should marketers be approaching successful growth in a fragmented iOS ecosystem?

The Evolution of ASA

Apple Search Ads now accounts for the lion’s share of all attributed installs on iOS. With new ad placements, more competition, and rising bidding costs, unlock the secrets to win every bid and make your spend count on ASA.

Where is CTV & OTT Headed?

With major streaming publishers introducing ad-supported tiers, and CTV platforms investing and expanding their endemic offerings, OTT & CTV supply is expected to increase dramatically. What’s the future of advertising on this channel and how should advertisers capitalize on this moment?

The Future of Consumer Data & Marketing

Data takes many forms from zero-party to first-party, and second-party to third-party. With growing scrutiny over consumer data collection and use across a variety of regulatory and institutional bodies, how can marketers continue to understand their customers effectively?

SKAdNetwork Q&A

Kochava CTO Ethan Lewis takes a look under the hood of Apple’s SKAdNetwork 4.0 and answers your questions.

C-Suite Panel

Listen in as C-Suite execs across ad tech and brands discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities they see for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

Ad Fraud in the Age of SKAdNetwork, CTV

How is ad fraud adapting in the face of changing attribution models, newer marketing channels, and sophisticated anti-fraud tools? Say hello to some familiar tactics, along with some new ones. Kochava’s resident fraud expert, Grant Simmons, weighs in.

Incremental Intent – A Highlight of Kochava Foundry Insights Packs

Economic forces are challenging marketers to continue driving growth with smaller budgets. Imagine if you could cut 50% of your ad spend and yet lose less than 1% of your customers? Find out how it’s possible with Incremental Intent – an Insights Pack from Kochava FoundryTM.

Media Mix Modeling (MMM) and Incrementality

Media Mix Modeling (MMM) has become a buzzword, but what does MMM mean to you? Learn about the role MMM can play in the future of how you measure the overall performance and incrementality of your marketing?


Attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

Airport: Spokane, WA (GEG)

To take advantage of our complimentary shuttle from the airport, please plan to arrive on Monday, February 13 between 11am and 2pm

Welcome reception: Monday, February 13, 5-8pm

General Sessions: Tuesday and Wednesday, February 14-15, 8am to 4pm

With evening activities from 5-11pm

Day on the mountain: Thursday, February 16, 10am-5pm

Spend the day with us at the newly improved Schweitzer Mountain Resort including brunch, skiing/snowboarding, lessons and rentals if desired, tubing, warming hut, snowshoeing and more! Then warm up at our exclusive Aprés Ski party in the village starting at 3pm

Suggested departure: Friday, February 17

6am – 8am Depart Spokane, WA (GEG) to take advantage of complimentary airport shuttle


11am – 1pm Depart Spokane, WA (GEG) to take advantage of complimentary airport shuttle

We have room blocks at local properties – please contact Heather Petersen at for more detail on all travel logistics.

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One of the best times in the year to meet people and learn some great stuff!

Oliver Birch | Director of Marketing, Hothead Games


The content was fantastic, and all the fun activities around the conferences were great and perfectly organized.

Etienne Lamandé | Head of Mobile Acquisition, Betclic Group


The event was awesome. I look forward to attending next year and getting more involved with your team on events.

Alex Merutka | CEO & Founder, Craftsman+

“I get more value from 3 days in Sandpoint with a select crew of mobile marketers than I do from any other mobile conference. The people, content, hospitality, and location make the Kochava Summit a unique event that I will keep coming back to. Look forward to the next one.”

Adam Woods | Account Executive – Ad Sales, Amazon