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Kochava enables people-based marketers to establish and enrich user identities, segment and activate audiences, and measure and optimize their campaigns across all connected devices. We replace complex marketing tech stacks with our consolidated, end-to-end marketing solution. Through flexibility and power, Kochava provides the granular control enterprise brands need in order to achieve their unique goals. We’re driven by the customers we serve and we innovate for you. So what do you want to do with your data?

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More Than 5 Billion Devices at Your Fingertips

The Kochava Collective includes rich device metadata including app usage, other apps on device (app affinity), precise location, demographics, and interests & behaviors. Build custom audiences, generate lookalike audiences, or activate pre-packaged audiences on more than 40 top platforms and media partners. Collective data can also be licensed directly via dynamic data feed.


Stop Losing Money To Mobile Ad Fraud

We’re keeping our promise to remain transparent for the industry and protecting our customers from the latest fraudulent tactics.


The Kochava Traffic Index Q1 Report of Media Partners Now Available

Eliminate the mystery of new partners, and gain deep insights into their campaign performance.


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Greater revenue per app, longer data retention, better fraud protection, and so much more...


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