“Machine Zone chose Kochava for mobile attribution analytics not only because of their better technology, but also because of Kochava’s direct personalized customer service, which may be their biggest competitive differentiator…”

Deepak Gupta, Chief Revenue Officer, Machine Zone
“Any company that wants to be able to rapidly acquire users or just perform at any type of scale, needs an attribution partner. I have tried other leading platforms, but I recommend Kochava above all others. Kochava’s ability to offer operating system-level optimization has alone doubled gross revenue attributed to paid acquisition. Backflip Studios fashions whole campaigns around that data.”

Kevin King, VP, Business Intelligence, Backflip Studios
“The Fraud Console and Blacklist minimizes the need for make-goods, and they show us the sources and methods of the fraud, so we can see the networks that truly led to an install or if the installs were sniping organic installs. These fraud abatement tools have been a huge source of savings so far. On top of that, they’re automated, so we have access to the data 24/7.”

Issei Shimizu, Senior User Acquisition Manager, MobilityWare
“Having consistent, reliable data in real time is highly critical, particularly in ensuring full transparency with our ad vendors; it makes it possible for us to push them to deliver higher quality campaign results. Without the accurate data we are getting from Kochava, the Rosetta Stone digital marketing team would be driving blind in this effort.” 

Caitlin Romig, Director, Consumer Marketing, Rosetta Stone