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Inspiring the Industry Toward Flourishing, Growth, and Resilience

2020 was filled with changes and challenges on many fronts. Join us as we explore trends and technologies that will empower you, your team, and your organization to flourish moving forward into 2021. Request an Invite. Scroll down to see the 2020 agenda and what past attendees have to say about the Summit.


“One of the best times in the year to meet people and learn some great stuff!”

Oliver Birch | Director of Marketing, Hothead Games


The content was fantastic, and all the fun activities around the conferences were great and perfectly organized.

Etienne Lamandé | User Acquisition Lead, TinyCo


The event was awesome. I look forward to attending next year and getting more involved with your team on events.

Alex Merutka | Head of Programmatic, AppLovin

“I get more value from 3 days in Sandpoint with a select crew of mobile marketers than I do from any other mobile conference. The people, content, hospitality, and location make the Kochava Summit a unique event that I will keep coming back to. Look forward to the next one.”

Adam Woods  |   Business Development Manager, Motive Interactive

2020 Agenda:


Pre-Event – Feb 11TH

5:00 PM

Buses leave hotels

5:30 PM

Meet & Greet at MickDuff’s Beer Hall hosted by

8:30 PM

Buses leave MickDuff’s


Day 1 – Feb 12TH

7:15 AM

Buses leave hotels for Sandpoint Technology Center

7:30 AM

Registration & Breakfast hosted by


9:00 AM | Keynote: Rich Karlgaard

Three Megatrends and Four Best Practices That Will Shape Your Five-Year Business Future

A common mistake made by business leaders is to overestimate technology change in the short run (less than two years), but badly underestimate it the long run (five years or more). Forbes publisher and global futurist, Rich Karlgaard, cuts through the clutter to forecast the business and technology world as it is likely to unfold over the next two-to-five years. As the Silicon Valley based publisher of Forbes, with access to both CEOs and world-class innovators, Karlgaard is uniquely positioned at the intersection of business, economic, innovation, and technological trends. He’ll share the variables that will shape the near- and medium-term future.

Rich Karlgaard,
Economic & Business Innovation Thought Leader

10:00 AM | Keynote: Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava

The Art & Science of Making Real Connections

Marketers operate at the intersection of art and science. In the face of mounting operational, regulatory, privacy, and data challenges, Kochava is evolving to unlock new opportunities for marketers to thrive at that intersection.

Charles Manning,
CEO, Kochava

10:45 AM

Providing Scalable Solutions for Data Privacy Compliance

Quantcast and Kochava have partnered to provide peace of mind to marketers regarding compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and beyond.

Brian Cox,
General Manager, Mazzaroth, Kochava

Airey Baringer,
Head of Product, Quantcast

Brian Wilson,
Director of Product Management, Kochava

11:15 AM

Unlocking Google & Facebook

Secrets of the “Walled Gardens” to better optimize your media mix.

Grant Simmons,
VP Client Analytics, Kochava

12:15 PM

Lunch hosted by

1:30 PM

Path of Least Resistance: Reducing Friction for Advertisers and End Users

Friction is the enemy of progress. Marketers and developers alike are forever seeking the most direct route for users to follow. What are the tools at our disposal to build that route?

Kevin Garrett ,
Lead Client Success Manager, Kochava

Scott Bauer,
Performance Marketing Consultant, AppAuditors

Andy Pollinger,
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Choice Hotels

Vivian Watt,
Product Manager, Kochava

2:00 PM

The OTT Streaming Wars

With more streaming video on demand (SVOD) publishers, there’s a new battle for the household. The average household has 2.8 SVODs–how do brands capture and maintain their position as “head of the household”?

Levi Schoonover,
Client Partnerships Team Lead, Kochava

Charlotte Maines,
General Manager of Device Advertising Products, Amazon

Grant Cohen,
Head of Audience Development, Roku

Ethan Grey,
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations Disney Streaming Services

Mike Pinnell,
General Manager of Product, Sling TV

2:30 PM

The Good, the Ad, & the Ugly

Get ready to kick up your creative juices and battle it out for fame and glory in a game known as The Good, the Ad and the Ugly. Join Liftoff as we put your mobile ad creative know-how to the test in this all out creative showdown. So brush up on your creative trivia, look over your A/B tests, and come prepared to win. There’s prizes waitin’ for ya. May god have mercy on your soul. Proceed.

J.R. Becko,
VP of Sales, Liftoff

3:00 PM

A Prescription for Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the future across many a vertical, but management tools leave marketers blind. Learn how Kochava is changing the game.

Kevin King,
Client Analytics Lead, Kochava

Ryan Watson,
Lead User Acquisition Manager, OnXMaps

3:45 PM

Ask Me Anything….

An interactive discussion with the audience.

Garrett C. MacDonald,
EVP Strategic Sales, Kochava

Ronan Shields,
Journalist, Adtech, Adweek

Brian Tomasette,
Strategic Marketing & Media, Camelot

Michael Brooks,
SVP of Revenue, Weatherbug

4:30 PM

Buses leave Sandpoint Technology Center

5:45 PM

Buses leave hotels

6:00 PM

Summit on Tap – Matchwood Brewing


9:00 PM

After Party at the 219 Lounge hosted by

Day 2 – Feb 13TH

7:45 AM

Buses leave hotels for Sandpoint Technology Center

8:00 AM

Breakfast at the Summit Café

9:00 AM

The State of the Fraud Union 2020: Fraud Never Sleeps

$42 billion later, ad fraud is also sacrificing campaign performance. While the tactics remain the same, fraudsters keep finding ways to surpass anti-fraud checkpoints. Listen to our resident expert on mobile ad fraud discuss the state of fraud and some of the surprisingly simple ways you can spot fraud with analytics by knowing your app traffic.

Grant Simmons,
VP Client Analytics, Kochava

9:15 AM

A 360 Degree Perspective on Fraud

Advertisers, Publishers and DSPs are all impacted by ad fraud. How does fraud prevention across the spectrum take form?

Grant Simmons,
VP Client Analytics, Kochava

Benjamin Bring,
VP Sales East, AdColony

Angela Bauer,
Senior Manager Mobile Marketing, Audible

Michele Webb,
VP of US Growth & Programmatic, Smadex

10:00 AM

The Art of Reengagement

Best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid in your reengagement campaigns.

Patrick Hurley,
Lead Client Success Manager, Kochava

Leo Giel,
Chief Revenue Officer, YouAppi

Katie Darren,
Client Insights Analyst, Kochava

Nate Gasser,
Vice President Emerging Media & Technology, Camelot

Robyn Meyers,
VP, West Coast Brand Partnerships, InMobi

10:30 AM

The Intersection of 1st & 3rd Party Data

First-party data can only take a brand so far. How can third-party data fill the identity gap?

Jake Courtright,
Lead Client Success Manager, Kochava

Hilary Malecha,
Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Cogolabs

Ariyo Noibi,
Co-founder, Irys

Vinod Kashyap,
Head of Product, Gathr Lab

11:00 AM 

The Role Data Will Play in the 2020 Election

Data talks and political campaign managers are listening. What strategies are winning and what can we learn from them?

Kimberly Manning,
Senior Director of Brand, Kochava

Dallas Lawrence,
Advisor, Samba TV

Ed Niles,
Director of Digital & Media, TargetSmart

Ryan Fanning,
VP Media Planning & Programmatic Trading, DSPolitical

11:45 AM 

Product Roadmap

An exciting exploration of what’s next on the 2020 Roadmap for Kochava and what it means for you.

Brian Wilson,
Director Product Management, Kochava

12:00 PM

Lunch hosted by

1:30 PM

Push + Measurement: A Perfect Engagement

Our very own push pros talk shop on Kochava Engagement.

Jeff Richardson,
Product Marketing Manager, Kochava

Levi Schoonover,
Client Partnerships Team Lead, Kochava

Geoff Marshall,
Senior Client Success Manager, Kochava

Tyler Mckinley,
Vice-President, Data Partnerships, Kochava

2:00 PM

XCHNG Roadmap

Our practical blockchain solution is getting closer to market. Get an update on the latest developments and benchmarks achieved.

Ethan Lewis,
VP of Engineering & Architecture, Kochava

Brian Cox,
General Manager, Mazzaroth, Kochava

2:30 PM

Advanced Targeting: New Ways to Reach the Consumer

A lively discussion on householding, identity resolution, out-of-home and other emerging trends.

Trevor Hamilton,
VP Sales, Kochava

Justin Civello,
Director, Product Development & Partnerships, Clear Channel Outdoor

Nicholas Ortega,
Manager, Inventory, Verizon Media

Lawrence Chan,
EVP, Data Ecosystem, Cuebiq

Ryan Bricklemyer,
Senior Director of Business Technology, Octopus Interactive

Grant Simmons,
VP Client Analytics, Kochava

3:15 PM | Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava

C-Suite Discussion on Industry Shifts

An engaging discussion from the industry’s thought leaders

Charles Manning,
CEO, Kochava

Dallas Lawrence,
Advisor, Samba TV

Maor Sadra,
Managing Director & CEO at AppLift

Jordi de los Pinos,
Co-founder and CEO at Smadex

4:00 PM

Buses depart Sandpoint Technology Center


5:45 PM

Buses depart hotels


6:00 PM

Dinner Sandpoint Event Center


9:00 PM

Buses depart Sandpoint Event Center


9:30 PM

Summit Concert at The  Hive with The Pimps of Joytime performing – doors open at 8pm



Day 3 – Feb 14TH

For those going to Schweitzer:

Buses load passengers / luggage, please be in lobby 5 min prior to departure.

Lodge at Sandpoint – 7:30am
BW Edgewater Resort – 7:30am
LaQuinta – 7:45am
BW Plus Mountain Lodge – 7:45am


8:30 AM

Breakfast at Taps


9:00 AM

First Chair

Ski Day





1:00 PM

Buses depart for Spokane Airport

What past attendees have said


I thought it was a great show and we were really pleased to be part of it this year so thank you for letting us get involved. The client interaction is much more organic than the big events in Vegas, NYC and SF.
Jon Hudson | VP – App Advertising, Criteo


We truly enjoyed ourselves and couldn’t stop talking about how great of a show you all put on. Big applause from us.
Joe Vezzani | UX, INNOCEAN Worldwide Americas


Thank you all so much for the wonderful welcoming to the Kochava Mobile Summit last week. It was a tremendous event and lovely to experience the famous Sandpoint for the first time. I appreciate all of your time, effort and energy to make the event a success – it was wonderful to be a small part of it so thank you for the invitation. Seriously impressed by how the entire team went above and beyond. Please be sure to express my gratitude to all of the others that helped make this a tremendous experience.
Sarah Bachman | VP Mobile Strategy, Horizon Media


Thanks for the note! I’m sure I speak for the others when I say that we had a great time at the event. We had the opportunity to meet with a number of high profile prospects and kickstart conversations. Looking forward to next year’s event already.
Patrick Eichmann | Director of Sales, LiftOff


Your event was amazing. I was completely impressed by the content and the level of participation from the attendees through panels and questions. Also, the Kochava hospitality was unparalleled. You guys know how to take care of your guests and it was appreciated by me and my colleagues.
Regina Larson | Partner Development, Yahoo


About Sandpoint

Sandpoint, in the northern tip of Idaho, is no ordinary vacation destination. Located on magnificent 43-mile-long Lake Pend Oreille, surrounded by the Selkirk and Cabinet mountains, and with Schweitzer Mountain ski resort minutes away, Sandpoint is blessed with outstanding attractions. But it goes deeper than that. The town itself is exceptional, home to a thriving arts community, the historic Panida Theater, a busy events schedule, a plethora of excellent restaurants, fine hotels and you’ll also find important business headquarters including Kochava, Litehouse Foods and Quest Aircraft.

Please note, Kochava Summit 2021 is a VIRTUAL event, with no travel required. We look forward to hosting top minds of the industry in Sandpoint for a future Kochava Summit again soon!

Registration Policy

Kochava reserves the right to cancel an individual’s registration for the Summit at any time up until the day of the event.

To request additional Summit invitations, please contact summit@kochava.com.


Please send all press requests to summit@kochava.com. We’ll make every effort to respond to your inquiry within two business days. Thank you and we hope to see you at Kochava Summit.

Kochava Summit 2021

Join industry leaders February 9-10, 2021 for the annual Kochava Summit. This is a VIRTUAL event; attendance is by invitation only.

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