Media Cost & ROI

Media cost and return on investment (ROI) tools by Kochava provide holistic, dynamic data on the Analytics dashboard, eliminating the need to piece data together from different sources to determine cost and ROI.
Segment of data showing cost and ROI numbers alongside numbers of users, event volume, and revenue.

Stop Exporting Data From Multiple Providers

Some vendors measure analytics and attribution but not cost data. Others focus on cost only. But without cost data analytics, you aren’t getting a realistic view of expenses and revenue. With Kochava, all relevant data is available on a single dashboard with fully customizable reporting and visualization.

Real-Time World, Real-Time Data

Receive cost data analytics:

  1. Dynamically on the click (real time) from the network partner
  2. Via custom connections to network partners’ APIs
  3. Through price overrides in the user interface as part of tracker creation

Analytics-v2Data persists for clicks and events, allowing you to view cost data and ROI at the most granular level across campaign, device, event, location and attribution. Compare user cohorts from one network against another to make decisions on future ad bidding.

Kochava is integrating more cost partners all the time. Most recently, Aarki, a media buying agency, announced their cost integration with Kochava, adding to the list of sources to compare against.

Continually Restated Cost Metrics

Networks routinely update cost metrics hours, days, or even weeks after the initial estimates have been posted. Using only the initial estimates can create problems for accurate reporting and campaign planning. In order to ensure the most accurate cost data is in your account, Kochava implements a restated cost system that re-checks your partner costs 1 day, 2 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days and 60 days later. If it has changed at any point, those changes are ingested and made available to the marketer.

Kochava Provides the Best in Data Access


Manipulate your data to compare networks and cohorts.

Real time

Get instantaneous cost data on your campaigns.


Row-level segmentation gives you detailed insight into your campaign activity.

A Holistic View

One marketer wanted to optimize their spending by increasing budget for their most valuable campaigns and decreasing it on their least profitable ones. Without cost data, revenue was the best metric available. Based on their campaign performance, they were planning to increase the budget for Campaign A.

Campaign A Campaign B Campaign C
Revenue $132,658.32 $95,487.21 $107,438.57
Campaign Value #1 #3 #2


After reviewing true ROI based on cost data, they increased spending on Campaign C as it provided the best value for their ad spend.

Campaign A Campaign B Campaign C
Revenue $132,658.32 $95,487.21 $107,438.57
Cost $109,385.23 $52,384.11 $43,103.10
ROI 21.28% 82.28% 149.26%
Campaign Value #3 #2 #1


Get a true, holistic view of your media cost and ROI along with granular, row-level reporting to understand your app performance and make the right decisions for your campaigns.

“Having this actionable intelligence supported by a multitude of data sets in a single platform lets Kochava customers make truly informed real-time decisions to help them win in mobile.”

Charles Manning, Kochava CEO

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