Ad cost and return on investment (ROI) tools by Kochava provide holistic, dynamic data on one campaign dashboard. Advertisers no longer have to piece data together from different sources to determine ROI. All relevant data is available in a single dashboard with fully customizable reporting and visualization.

The problem: scattered pictures

Campaign cost data is often obtained by piecing together multiple sources of analyses, but without it advertisers aren’t getting a realistic view of their expenses and revenue. Kochava eliminates the need to acquire cost data from various vendors by including cost data on the analytics platform, providing a holistic means for advertisers to evaluate their ROI.

Advertisers have multiple touch points across the mobile ecosystem. Those touch points, gleaned from specialized ad tech vendors, results in a fragmented landscape for anyone desiring a single lens to the effectiveness of their ROI. Some vendors measure analytics and attribution but not cost data. Others focus on cost only. Some networks drive more traffic than others, but the true ROI has not been easily available, until now.

Real-time world, real-time data

In order for advertisers to understand real-time campaign performance beyond simple revenue numbers, particularly at scale, Kochava brings all the data into a single dashboard. In addition to tracking impressions, clicks, installs and events, cost data is the final piece in delivering cohesive campaign feedback. Kochava combines multiple data sets into one platform—a single pane of glass that advertisers can use to make real-time decisions to their UA strategy.

Kochava receives cost data for more than 90% of measured network traffic and collects it in one of three ways:
  1. Dynamically on the click (real time) from the network partner
  2. Via custom connections to network partners’ APIs
  3. Through price overrides in the user interface as part of tracker creation
The data persists at the click and event level, allowing advertisers to view cost data (and ROI) at the most granular level across campaign, device, event, location and attribution. Cost data is available on the Analytics dashboard as well as in row-level and summary reports. Advertisers can manipulate the data to compare user cohorts from one network against another to make decisions on future ad bidding.

Kochava provides the best in data access



Manipulate your data to compare networks and cohorts.



Get instantaneous cost data on your campaigns.



Row-level segmentation gives you true detailed insight into your campaign activity.

Get the big picture

An advertiser wanted to optimize their spending by increasing budget for their most valuable campaigns and decreasing it on their least profitable ones. Without cost data, revenue was the best metric available. Based on their campaign performance, they were planning to increase budget for Campaign A.

Campaign A Campaign B Campaign C
Revenue $132,658.32 $95,487.21 $107,438.57
Campaign Value #1 #3 #2
After reviewing true ROI based on cost data, they increased spending on Campaign C as it provided the best value for their ad spend.

Campaign A Campaign B Campaign C
Revenue $132,658.32 $95,487.21 $107,438.57
Cost $109,385.23 $52,384.11 $43,103.10
ROI 1.21% 1.82% 2.49%
Campaign Value #2 #1 #3

“Having this actionable intelligence supported by a multitude of data sets in a single platform lets Kochava customers make truly informed real-time decisions to help them win in mobile.”

Charles Manning, Kochava CEO

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