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Companies that adopt data-driven marketing practices are six times more likely to increase profitability YoY, according to Forbes

You could be missing the bigger picture—is your own data enough? The Kochava Collective® is the largest independent mobile Data Marketplace with more than 7 billion devices globally.

Data Footprint

The Collective data marketplace includes more than 7 billion first-party connected devices. It is the largest independent mobile data marketplace with an SDK deployed in more than 10,000 apps.

Analysis & Insights

Collective Audience Insights provides incredible visibility into demographic (gender, age, geography), device (make, model, OS), and behavioral (apps on device, POI visited, IAB interests) attributes of an audience. Deep insights into the makeup and behavior of your (and your competitors’) mobile audience are one of the most powerful business intelligence tools for advertisers and publishers.

Audience Targeting

Activate a prepackaged audience, define a custom audience with rich device filters including app usage, demographics, location visitation, app affinity, and more. Generate a lookalike audience based on your best users. Extend any audience with a single click, via cross-device matching.

Data Licensing & Enrichment

Data feeds enable partners to access all Collective data. The Collective delivers mobile device IDs and accompanying data elements for each feed. This is ideal for anyone seeking to expand their device footprint and data. Learn More

The Collective can be white-labeled to power your data marketplace (DMP). Collide your data with Collective data and give your customers access to the full suite of audience and data tools the Collective has to offer.

Audience Activation

Integrations with all major networks, DSPs, and social platforms makes it simple and easy to reach your audience where they’re at.

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