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Free Mobile Ad Fraud Detection and Prevention Tools

Protect your campaigns against ad fraud in real-time with Free App Analytics® powered by Kochava.

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FAA Free Fraud Prevention

If You’re Spending Money on Mobile Advertising, You’re a Victim of Ad Fraud

Mobile ad fraud can lead marketers to make poor strategic decisions by:

  • Artificially inflating performance
  • Siphoning off media spend from the ad partners delivering true value
  • Infecting marketing data with false information

Shield Your Ad Spend From Mobile Ad Fraud Across All Campaigns

A Dynamic Blocklist Powered by Advanced Machine Learning

Protect your global campaigns at scale and in real time with the Global Fraud Blocklist. Our blocklist dynamically flags fraudulent IP addresses, publisher site IDs, and device IDs to ensure your ad dollars don’t go to fraudsters.

click flooding

Get Turnkey Protection Against Leading Fraud Tactics

Click Flooding

Click Injection

Install Highjacking

SDK Spoofing

Ad Stacking

And More

Learn more about Mobile Ad Fraud with this free eBook.

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