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Publisher Tools to Unlock New Growth

Maximize advertiser spend and confidence on your premium inventory with outcomes-based measurement solutions for publishers and advertising platforms.

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Leverage premium supply-side solutions from the Kochava Publisher’s Suite to:

Better connect the dots between ad delivery and business outcomes for your advertisers.

Command higher CPM, CPI, and CPA rates for your premium ad placements.

Accurately capture the conversions your inventory is driving for advertisers across connected devices and platforms.

Let advertisers visualize your traffic alongside other omni-channel media in their measurement partner dashboard.

Prove Your Value and Secure More Buying Consideration

Empower your ad sellers and account executives to deliver greater value to advertisers spending on your platform. Ads Measurement from the Kochava Publisher’s Suite provides clear-labeled, hosted measurement technology to deliver:

  • Standardized, in-house performance reporting for advertiser business outcomes
  • Supply-side attribution configuration controls
  • Integration support across mobile measurement partners (MMPs)
  • Omni-channel and omni-platform attribution coverage

Top Smart TV Platforms Worldwide

leverage the Kochava Publisher’s Suite to provide clear-labeled measurement for their premium, platform-direct ad inventory – helping advertisers understand how CTV campaigns drive same-screen and cross-screen:

  • App Installs
  • In-App Engagements
  • Website Visits
  • And Other Business Outcomes
Publisher Tools to Unlock New Growth

Powering In-Game Ads Attribution

Our clear-labeled ads measurement solutions are empowering in-game ads platforms to maximize revenue opportunities with brands.

Publisher Tools to Unlock New Growth

Frameplay powers intrinsic in-game ad attribution with the Kochava Publisher’s Suite

License Ads Measurement and avoid the cost burden of building in-house measurement infrastructure. Ads Measurement is fully interoperable with other MMPs – enabling consolidation of any existing MMP integrations.

Other Premium Publisher Tools

Incremental Lift Studies
Brands are increasingly interested in incrementality. Our incremental lift studies can show your advertisers how you’re moving the performance needle across advanced TV, out-of-home, digital-out-of-home channels, and beyond.

Get your iOS inventory SKAdNetwork-ready with turnkey solutions for SKAN postback ingestion, storage, and data syndication. Enable your advertisers to future-proof their growth with iOS users.

Unlock new opportunities with advertisers.

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