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Elevate Your Marketing Performance with Your Very Own Data Scientist

Get real insights from real experts tailored to your campaign goals. Insight Packs from Kochava Foundry™ give you optimization recommendations you can implement with confidence.

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Our actionable custom Insight Packs are guaranteed to improve your marketing performance or your money back

Kochava Foundry™ is a team of expert data scientists that have analyzed over $5B in ad spend across 500+ brands—helping marketers dissect their performance data and make the tough decisions necessary to achieve breakaway growth. Benefit from our team’s 50+ years of combined experience in analyzing digital marketing performance.

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Put our experts to work for you with Insight Packs


  • A Foundry expert analyzes your unique marketing mix leveraging proprietary research methods and data
  • You receive a report of analyst-written, actionable recommendations
  • Insights are delivered in as little as one business day, enabling you to make quick optimization decisions
  • If your performance doesn’t improve you get your money back

Each Insight Pack comes with:

Executive Summary

Worksheet Per Insight Package

Data & Tables per Insight Package

Focus Your Spend with Channel Partners that Deliver Loyal & Engaged Customers

The Loyalty & Engagement Insight Pack

Unlock insights into how your media mix moves the needle in delivering loyal customers that engage with your key performance indicators.

Get expert recommendations on where to increase and/or decrease your spend in order to maximize ROAS on your acquisition strategies.

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How frequently do people purchase/convert in your app

How frequently people use your app

Your app’s combined Loyalty & Engagement scores

This network partner drives high loyalty & engagement and should receive increased spend focus to maximize quality growth potential.
This network partner significantly underperforms with attributed users showing poor loyalty and engagement. Spend should be dialed back or campaign strategies should be reassessed.

Imagine if you could cut 50% of your ad spend… while losing less than 1% of your customers

The Incremental Intent Insight Pack

Did you know that not every install or customer a network claims was actually impacted by their advertising?

Now you have a way to prove and calculate the delta, and to optimize your spend towards maximum advertising impact.

Watch Grant Simmons, VP of Foundry, explain the power of Incremental Intent insights.

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How does Incremental Intent help marketers like you?

Get insights into proximity, causality, and quality among your media mix.

Identify traffic sources driving causal installs versus those that are overclaiming & over-attributing

Trim your ad spend WITHOUT losing quality customers

Confidently make budget cuts while maintaining growth

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