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In the hyper-competitive mobile ad ecosystem, many advertisers turn to agencies to give them an edge over their competition. These agencies run campaigns and buy media on behalf of the advertiser. The role of an agency is different from an advertiser, with unique needs and workflows. Kochava has created an account type specifically for agencies to give them access to real-time marketing attribution tools and analytics on the campaigns for which they are responsible, at the marketer’s discretion.

Granular agency management and reporting
Analyze performance by agency. Look beyond simple install numbers to downstream metrics including revenue per install and mean time to purchase, to ensure that agencies are meeting expectations and moving the needle for your business.

Marketers choose the level of access granted to each agency. This may include reporting-only access, campaign, and analytics access, or full access to create campaigns on the marketer’s behalf.

Kochava Advertiser Account Agency flow diagramAll the right data
Each agency has its own Kochava account, independent from the marketer’s account. This account includes apps the agency may have set up as well as apps to which marketers have granted them access. Agencies can create geo-specific teams to manage disparate countries or regions.

Transparent, transactional pricing
There is no additional cost for an agency account. Agencies are working on behalf of marketers and their campaign traffic is subject to standard transactional rates, which are billed to the marketer’s account. Conversely, if an agency creates an app directly under their account, they are billed directly for that traffic.

Find the right agency with Media Guide
Kochava Media Guide is a filterable database of thousands of publishers, networks and agencies. Easily find data about ad types, audience composition, pricing models and more.

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