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Audience Enrichment v

Improve Retention

Improve retention and curate more relevant messaging by developing holistic user profiles across devices and channels.

Audience Enrichment
Audience Enrichment

Automatic Syndicated Audiences

Enable automatic syndicated audiences to utilize with all your top partners for more precise campaign targeting and increasing overall ROI.

Analyze the Competitive Landscape

Leverage app graph data to analyze the competitive landscape and further acquire industry market share.

Audience Enrichment

Eligible Unique Identifiers

Audience profiles can be matched with Kochava Collective data via four (4) match keys. While mobile ad IDs provide the largest coverage globally, excellent match rates are also available for primary IP, hashed email, and cookie ID.

Mobile Ad ID (MAID)

Current Collective Footprint

(US Only)

400 Million

(Active last 30 days)

Primary IP

Current Collective Footprint

(US Only)

90+ Million

Hashed Email-to-MAID Linkages

Current Collective Footprint

(US Only)

600+ Million

Cookie ID

Current Collective Footprint

(US Only)

1+ Billion

Boost Acquisition Performance with Conquesting

Audience Enrichment
Audience Enrichment
Audience Enrichment

Increase your audience base by identifying user affinity through IAB-based interests and behaviors and location visitation data.

Audience Enrichment

Enrich POI data further with audiences from FourSquare.

Using unique identification keys map your consumers to hundreds of detailed audience segments based on location visits from Kochava Collective and FourSquare.

collective foursquare v

Over 400M Unique Device

800+ Detailed Audience

Compatible with the Collective
Interests and Behaviors Data

Available Data Enrichment Feeds

Points of Interest (POI)
Device Attributes
IAB Interests & Behaviors
Precision Geo
Hashed Emails

On board your first party data and apply a new identity solution.

cookie graphic

Leverage anonymized IDs, outside of mobile apps with over one billion authenticated email connections inside the new cookie data feed from the Kochava Collective and LiveIntent.

cookie millions
cookie mobile web

Have an Overloaded Team? Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Aligning these identifiers across a large database can be a heavy lift for any marketing or data analytics team. Let our experienced data scientists help. Our team created a seamless workstream to leverage your data by pairing the thousands of touchpoints available within the Kochava Collective to analyze potential outcomes and deliver a custom audience analysis that provides a holistic view of your entire audience base.


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