The Kochava Collective includes more than 5 billion device profiles across a combination of first-party SDK data and validated third-party data sources. In addition to activating audiences from within the Collective, you can also upload an audience and see a snapshot of its attributes via Collective Audience Insights.

Kochava created Audience Insights to enable marketers to target their ads more effectively, but it provides great value to advertisers and publishers, alike.

Value to Marketers

  • Learn more about existing audience
  • Improve overall app marketing strategy
  • Create stronger buyer personas
  • Research competitors’ audiences
  • Create more engaging content

Value to Publishers

  • Increase customer confidence with third-party verification of audience composition and targeting practices
  • Vet new publisher sources
  • Provide professional concise visualization of potential target audiences

Visualize the top attributes of your competitor’s audience

  • Device information – make, model, wireless carrier, language, location
  • Behavioral information – apps on device, app categories, IAB interests & behaviors, mapped points of interest (POI), POI categories
  • Demographic information – gender, age

Below is an example of a one-click PDF export of Audience Insights:


Kochava Collective Audience Insights

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