In addition to its powerful and intuitive dashboard for building and activating unique mobile-first audiences, the Kochava Collective also offers data licensing through integrations with our data feeds and data enrichment solutions. These solutions enable transaction-level data to be onboarded directly into your own data management platform (DMP).

Data Feeds

Data feeds enable partners to access all Collective data. The Collective delivers mobile device IDs and accompanying data elements for each feed. This is ideal for anyone seeking to expand their device footprint and data. Data feeds include:

  • Identity Data
  • Transactional Data
  • App Activity Data
  • Device Attributes Data
  • General Location Data
  • Point of Interest Data (POI)
  • Demographic Data
  • Interest Data


Data Enrichment

Data enrichment enables partners to add contextual data for their devices. Partners submit their device IDs to the Collective and the system returns the various selected data elements observed on the matched devices. This is ideal for partners who already have a large footprint of devices and are seeking to understand the users of those devices better.


Data Elements

Data elements provided in data feeds and enrichment include app usage, geo & POI visitation, device details, demographics, interests and device linkage. Here is a list of the high-level categories by which data are organized.

App Activity
This data set describes how devices use applications. What apps and games have been installed on a device? How frequently is a particular app used or a game played? Has the user made a purchase or watched a video in an app or game?

Precision Location Data
Precision location data is more granular than POI and is not mapped to a known location. It simply includes raw lat/long and horizontal accuracy readings along with all key device details and identifiers at massive scale.

Interest Data
This category of data maps devices to specific interests based on IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Content Taxonomy.

Points of Interest (POI)
POIs are intersections of the device location and known “points of interest.” For example, a device that belongs to a coffee drinker might over-index for Starbucks.

Demographic Data
Demographic data can be a huge asset when it comes to defining your ideal audience. Information like gender, household income and primary language can help ensure that you’re serving ads to users most likely to be interested in your offering.

Device Attributes
These are specific aspects of the device itself. What is the make and model of the device? What carrier or ISP does the device connect through? What OS version is the device running?

Email Address
Surprise! This category contains hashed versions of email addresses associated with the device.

CRM Data
This category includes data points helpful in managing a customer relationship including attributes like mobile carrier.

Data Filters and Formats

When setting up a data feed or enrichment solution, partners can filter the data they receive by geo, device type, specific apps or categories, POI, or other elements. Additionally, you can define minimum and maximum thresholds for volumes of data. For example, you could receive a feed of up to 5 million devices in the Collective that have installed a ride-sharing app in the USA on an Android device within the last 6 months.

The data included in a feed or enrichment solution can be delivered as raw transactional data, mapped data or segmented data. For example, if you were interested in receiving POI data it could be provided as:

RAW DATA: LatLong = 37.68455° –97.34110°

MAPPED DATA: POI Location = Starbucks > Coffee Shop > Quick Service Restaurant

SEGMENTED DATA: Segment = Recent Coffee Shop Visitors

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