The Kochava Collective is the largest independent mobile data marketplace with more than 5 billion device profiles globally. It includes first-party data collected by the Free App Analytics (FAA) SDK as well as validated third-party sources. The combination of a directly managed truth set with unique data providers enables the Collective to deliver precise addressability on a massive scale, with a robust mix of data elements deterministically collected about each unique device.

Collective Data Sources | Data Access Options | Benefits of the Collective


Data Sources

The Collective has data from many sources including:

  • Beacon location providers
  • SDK solutions for apps and games
  • Major mobile carriers
  • Credit monitoring solutions
  • Identity solutions

The Free App Analytics (FAA) SDK is used to measure and track advertising performance. Since developers use the FAA SDK to track their own users and we do not pay them for their data, there is no incentive to spoof or inflate any information.

All third-party data is scrubbed against the industry-leading Kochava fraud detection and blacklist, as well as normalized and verified against first-party SDK data for validity and cleanliness.



Free App Analytics SDK

Data Suppliers & Publishers

  • Deterministic device identifiers
  • High integrity, structured data
  • Closed system
  • Device based
  • Provides a standard by which to validate 3rd-party data
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • App affinity (other apps on device)
  • Points of interest (POI)
  • Mobile carrier data

Data Access

The Kochava Collective offers a few ways to access and consume the data:

1. Audience Builder UI

Define your audience based on a dozen factors including device attributes, POI, in-app behavior, and location.

2. Data Feeds

  • Transactional Data
  • App Activity Data
  • Device Attributes Data
  • General Location Data
  • Point of Interest Data (POI)
  • Demographic Data
  • Interest Data

3. Data Licensing

All data and feeds are available for licensing. Contact us to learn more.

Benefits of Kochava Collective

Benefits for Demand Partners Benefits for Data Suppliers

Reduced costs through a single solution for accessing mobile data at scale globally

Data validated across sources

Data mapped and normalized into easily digestible formats

Intuitive UX for audience creation

Ability to onboard data directly into your own DMP through Data Feeds/Enrichment

Blacklist data providers from your demand seat so you can curate the best mix of data supply for your needs and avoid duplication with other data acquisition efforts


Easily contribute data via API, Bulk Upload S3 transfer or individual audience loading

Hundreds of key advertisers and demand partners around the globe buying your data at scale

Ability to blacklist by demand or activation partner to avoid duplication in other data monetization efforts