Kochava Alerting

Alleviate the need to constantly check your campaign metrics—customize your alerts with a trigger threshold and filter by network, campaign or tracker to ensure your desired level of precision. Attach a severity level to the alert (low, medium, high) to signal when action is required. You can even use the Query tool to further customize alerts.

Kochava Alerts are:

    • Real-time
    • Based on your key metrics
    • Delivered via your preferred method of communication


Receive alerts by email, voice call, SMS, Pagerduty or Slack based on the following metrics:

  • Conversion rate
  • Clicks per conversion
  • Mean time to install
  • Revenue per device
  • Revenue
  • Install volume
  • Event volume
  • Click volume
  • Impression volume

For more information about how to set up alerting, visit https://support.kochava.com/advanced-tools/alerting.

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