Mobile Data Management Platform

Onboard your data, resolve identities and households across devices, manage your audiences and syndicate data across a robust ecosystem in real time.

Data Onboarding

Ingest any categorical data set from your own offline, first-party sources to third-party providers. Normalize, segment, and join all data within a unified framework.

Audience Segmentation

From dynamically segmenting lapsed purchasers to isolating your best performers for a lookalike seed, unlock the potential in your user base with full-service audience segmentation and management. Learn More

Audience Syndication

Welcome to your central data hub. Seamlessly connect to 4,200+ integrated networks, DSPs, and other martech partners to syndicate audiences and data in real time. Learn More

Data Privacy & Security

Data is at the core of your business and ours. We take data and data privacy very seriously. Learn More

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