Stop Losing Money to Mobile Ad Fraud

Kochava is leading the charge against mobile ad fraud. The Kochava platform offers the most powerful fraud abatement & detection tools in the digital advertising industry.

Ad Fraud Prevention Tools

The Fraud Console is a powerful, comprehensive suite of mobile ad fraud detection and abatement tools, including fraud detection analytics and the Global Fraud Blacklist. These tools give marketers the ability to monitor their traffic to identify and eliminate mobile ad fraud.

The summary reports are a visualization of abnormal, potentially fraudulent activity from across a marketer’s apps. The charts are interactive—marketers can click on a portion of a chart to further explore the data and see a prioritized list of networks responsible for the activity in question.


Can You Identify The Suspects?

Learn how to spot fraud in your campaigns

Pioneering Mobile Attribution

Kochava Signals

Understand mobile ad fraud as explained by our resident expert, Grant Simmons, Director of Client Analytics at Kochava.

Global Fraud Blacklist

Prevent fraudulent device IDs, IP addresses, and sub-publisher IDs culled from across Kochava customer campaigns.

Fraud Console

Track owned media campaigns using SmartLink, Fingerprint Equalizer, Web SDK, and IdentityLink™.

Traffic Verifier

Enter traffic criteria pre-campaign to prevent fraud from excessive click and impression volume.

Case Studies

Kochava anti-fraud tools have saved customers millions in ad spend. Read about how some of our customers have protected their campaigns and ad budgets.

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