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By 2030, it is projected that the average consumer will own 15 connected devices.(1)

In the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) world, identity resolution is becoming ever more vital for linking various identifiers across devices and households to formulate a holistic user journey among brand touchpoints. Brands must also balance these efforts with the privacy and consent preferences of their users.

IdentityLink™ from Kochava enables brands to measure online user engagement across the IoT, securely onboard first-party offline data, and enrich it with robust, third-party data, all within a privacy-first and consent-compliant framework.

Built-In Privacy & Consent

Integrate our free consent management platform to capture the data privacy preferences of your users in accordance with the CCPA, GDPR, and other regulations.

Cross-Device Measurement

Leverage Kochava’s premier measurement solutions to capture user-level engagement across the full Internet of Things (IoT) spectrum. Connect the dots across devices with IdentityLink™

Cross-device measurement

Data Onboarding

Overlay user-level data from CRM, point-of-sale (POS) and other offline sources to visualize the complete perspective of customer engagement with your brand.

Audience Enrichment

Add third-party enrichment from the Kochava Collective(2) data marketplace. Enhance audience reach with household extension. Unlock deeper user insights through points-of-interest (POI) visitation, demographics, competitor app affinity, and other premium data.

360-Degree Perspective

Case Study

See how an eCommerce brand leveraged IdentityLink™ to maximize user lifetime value (LTV).

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The Power of IdentityLink™

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Real-Time Data Syndication

Deterministic Mobile Web Attribution

Cross-Device Attribution

Holistic LTV

No Cookies, No Problem

With the impending removal of cookies, our identity resolution products can help bridge the gap and continue to deliver holistic user profiles. Leveraging IdentityLink™ and IdentityLink Bridge technology, Kochava can match your user identities across devices, households, and other data points.

Map devices to unique households for related device targeting extension or suppression.

Hashed Emails-to-Mobile Advertising IDs
Onboard hashed emails (HEMs) from your email file for mapping to MAIDs to extend targeting reach.

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1Heslop, Brent. “By 2030, Each Person Will Own 15 Connected Devices — Here’s What That Means for Your Business and Content”. MarTech Advisor. 4 Mar 2019. Accessed 4 April 2020.
Data within the Kochava Collective is sourced from Kochava’s first-party SDK footprint via Free App Analytics customers only, who exchange free services for data licensing rights. Verified third-party data providers also contribute data to the Collective. All data in the Collective is compliant with all consent regulations.